The Top 5 Challenges New Small Businesses Face

According to Stats Canada, only 51% of businesses survive beyond their first five years. And all too often, the ones that don’t make it end up shutting their doors for very similar reasons. So how do you keep your small business from becoming the one out of every two that doesn’t succeed?

Why Your Personal Credit Rating Matters When You Start a Business

A credit report tells a story, and the numbers on your credit report can be the difference between obtaining the financing you need to start your business or being turned down, and also determine what interest rate you’ll pay.

Funding Opportunities for Small Business Owners in BC

Do you know what programs and funding opportunities are available for Canadian small businesses? Your business may be eligible thousands of dollars in government funding, but you have to know what opportunities are out there first.

5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make with Start-up Funding

Ask practically anyone you meet and you’ll find out that they have “the next big” business idea. We all think we do. So if that’s the case, how come there aren’t more entrepreneurs out there?

2 Opportunities for BC Small Businesses to Hire and Train Youth

Does your small business need to hire? If you’re interested in hiring and training youth to work for your business in the near future, you may be eligible for funding through one of these two programs.

Looking at Investment Options? Try OpportunitiesBC

Are you looking for investors for your business, or potential buyers for your already established business? The new OpportunitiesBC online database can help.

How the SR&ED Tax Credit Can Benefit Small Businesses

Staying innovative and advancing within your field is essential to competing successfully in the world of global businesses. The SR&ED tax credit program has been developed by the Canadian government to help empower small businesses in Canada.