Should Your Startup Accept Bitcoin Payments?

You’re starting up a brick and mortar business and you’ve heard of this new type of money that people are using called

Accounting Myths vs. Facts

Accounting can be an intimidating and often dreaded part of business for many entrepreneurs. To make it harder, there are many false facts flying around the internet that it can be hard to distinguish the facts from fiction. To help dispel some of those myths, here are four of the most common myths, BUSTED.

Selecting a Payment Processor: Making the Right Choice for your Business

If you’re considering credit and debit card processing for your business, chances are you’ve seen some low advertised rates or promotions. Price, however, is only one of a number of factors to consider when choosing a payment processor for your business.

Should You Offer 30-Day Payment Terms to Corporate Clients?

It can be exciting gaining a new corporate client, but working with a big business and another small business can be very different. Once of these differences is that they will typically ask for net-30 payment terms. Meaning a long wait for their payment to enter your cashflow, andthere is […]

How Can Small Business Owners Control Costs?

When just starting out, small business owners tend to be very conscious about their capital, where it’s going, how much is coming in and what corners can be cut. However when sales begin, and revenue starts to grow, it can take a toll on your costs.

How to Protect Your Small Business from Fraud

A recent survey found that 33% of B.C. businesses report being victims of fraud. From accounting processes to information security, it’s more important than ever for you protect your business from the potential risks.

How to Automate Your Accounting and Get Paid Faster

Managing your cashflow is critical to the success of your business, both when you start it and as you grow. And while invoicing your customers on a timely basis may seem tedious, it’s essential to keep the dollars coming in the front door.

Making the Most of Your Profit: Income Splitting and Share Structures

Splitting dividends from your business between you and another member of your household can lower the amount of taxes you pay. But how do you make sure you do it legally, and in a way that leaves you in control of your business?