Understanding Financial Statements

Taking time to read your financial statements might not be the most exciting part of running your own business, but they are a key reporting tool that help you understand the state of your business and where it’s going. Your financial statements are also an essential tool to help you […]

Strategic Business Growth: The 7 Numbers You Need to Know

KPIs are critical across your business, but no more so than in your financials. They are the critical numbers that need to be maintained and measured daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually or on a project-by-project by project basis, to help you monitor and predict the overall health and efficiency of your overall operations.

Why Protecting Cardholder Data is Good for Business

Providing customers with secure payment options is good for your brand and your bottom line. Afterall a data breach could result in fines from the payment card brands and remediation costs – this is in addition to loss of business and your brand reputation.

Avoiding Business Failure by Improving Cash Flow

Why is cash flow so important for a business? A simple answer to this question is that without proper cash management, no business can survive. By understanding your cash flow it allows you to make wise investments and protect your company’s growth.

Are You Ready to Quit Your Job and Work in Your Startup Full Time?

One of the most important decisions an entrepreneur can make is the decision to quit their job. It is a critical transition that can have longstanding consequences. Quit too early or without the right preparation and your business may never get the chance to succeed.

How Businesses Can Better Manage Their Costs

Many small businesses realize early on that every dollar counts if they want to put themselves in the best position to grow. However, with so many issues and concerns to worry about, leaders can sometimes fall behind in their finances, inadvertently setting up their company for failure. It's pivotal for […]

How to Collect Invoices the Right Way and Get Paid on Time

Do you hate collecting invoices? The truth is that most business owners dislike making collections calls because they’re tedious and risky. They create tension with clients and can put the relationship on unsure footing. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. Here are seven easy steps to help you get paid on time.