Are You Thinking of Selling Your Business?

Selling your business is one of the most important decisions you’ll face as an entrepreneur. You’ve spent long hours building it into a viable enterprise. And, with a little preparation, you can increase your business’ value and make sure you get the best sale price. Below, we examine the different […]

What’s Happening in July 2018 at Small Business BC

This July, take your small business to summer school with the learning opportunities available at Small Business BC. June’s month of free education was a massive success thanks to the enthusiasm and support of BC’s small business community. And, to help continue growing your entrepreneurial skillset, we’re giving you 15% off […]

Why You Should Delegate Your Bookkeeping

One of the biggest barriers to growth that businesses owners face is becoming bogged down by non-revenue generating activities, such as bookkeeping. Fortunately, there is a solution. Falling behind on your bookkeeping means you are not benefiting from up-to-date financial information.  With the migration of accounting and bookkeeping to the […]

Rising Interest Rates and Your Small Business

Rising interest rates have been a hot topic in Canadian news ever since the Bank of Canada announced a benchmark interest rate rise; the first in seven years. Thanks to a positive economic outlook at home and abroad, more interest rate rises are expected in the coming months. Is […]

What’s Happening in April 2018 at Small Business BC?

Believe it or not, we’re almost a third of the way through 2018. It may feel like only yesterday we rang in the New Year, but the clock is ticking on hitting your business targets for the year. What better opportunity to get started, than by indulging in some educational […]

How to Secure Early Stage Financing

Entrepreneurs and their ideas come in all shapes and sizes but the one common issue they all must address is how to finance their small business idea. It’s estimated that roughly 82% of new businesses fail due to cashflow problems. Entrepreneurs are prone to undercapitalizing their business. Therefore, it’s […]

Chase your Dreams, Not Late Payments: Strategies for Getting Paid in 2018 and Beyond

In today’s digital world, technology has made it easy for customers to pay for purchases almost instantly; but for some SMBs (small and medium businesses), late payments provide a frustrating experience. Businesses rely on a steady flow of cash to build a profitable and sustainable business. If payments are late, […]