The Family Business: Changing Direction

Growing up with a family business taught me how to turn what I love, into a business. My dad taught me not to be afraid of change, and that the opportunities provided by running your own business are as limitless as your capacity to continue to learn.

The Difference a Day (or Two) Makes

Take a moment to reflect on why you work so hard on your business. Is it just to earn a living? Is it to fulfill a lifelong dream? When you break it all down, you might be surprised at what your intention really is.

10 Tips for What a Lender Looks for in a Business Plan

Once you spot an opportunity that you simply can’t pass up, there are calculated steps to turn your vision into reality, and finding financing is usually at the top of the list.

9 Tips for Starting a Food Truck

From souvlaki to dim sum, BC’s streets are filled with vendors waiting to expand your palette. And launching a restaurant on four wheels, can be a more affordable and more viable path for many entrepreneurs.

Writing a Business Plan Made Easier

Whether or not you are seeking financing from lenders, it is essential that you create a comprehensive well thought out business plan. It creates a road map for your business to help you determine what resources you will need to make a profit.

10 Common Business Plan Mistakes

There are many elements that make a good business plan. It often takes time, patience and many revisions before you get it right.Unfortunately when rushing to get your funding in place and launch your business, your plan can get neglected.

Why Does a Growing Business Need a Strategic Plan?

Do you have a strategic plan for growing your business? You may have an idea of the direction you want to take your business, but have not thought about formalizing it on paper. Find out more from Sandy Huang.

How Start-up Barriers Can Help you Succeed

Starting a business and entering a new market often means facing a wide variety of new barriers and challenges. These challenges are often seen as obstacles to business owners but to financers they can increase the appeal of your business. Find out how.

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Business

In this article we are going to explore 4 of the areas that I feel have the most significant impact on both your business sale and your peace of mind.