How to Estimate Start-Up Costs for your New Company

So you want to start a new restaurant/accounting practice/gnome-themed birthday party company (insert your type of business)? If this is your first company, you’re probably wondering how to estimate your start-up costs.

A Voice in the Corn Field

Occasionally, I let myself dream. And one day I realized that my dream was to quit my job, and work from home full-time.

Are you Protecting Your Intellectual Property?

So you have come up with an amazing idea. You have probably shared it with your family, friends and colleagues. But did you think about protecting your intellectual property first? World IP day reminds us of the benefits of protecting the assets.

How to Write a Mission Statement that Works

If your mission statement is so vague that any organization in the world could adopt it, then it doesn’t do you much good. A mission statement should tell you why you’re unique in the world.

The Name Game

When choosing a name for your business, consider the impact it will have on the outside world’s perception of your company.

Choose Your Own Adventure

While finishing my university degree, I was faced with the Choose Your Own Adventure-like scenario: what now? I had a number of options, most of which included working 9-5 in an office; I wasn’t convinced that was for me.

Your Business: What a Concept!

If you believe in your passions, experience, research and financial strengths, then perhaps you have the perfect platform to turn your concept into a business.

Partnerships: To Be or Not To Be?

Once upon a time, there was a new mother who wished for a successful venture with her close friend. They shared a vision and complimentary skill sets, but the many challenges they faced resulted in the dissolution of a business partnership and friendship.

The Family Business: Changing Direction

Growing up with a family business taught me how to turn what I love, into a business. My dad taught me not to be afraid of change, and that the opportunities provided by running your own business are as limitless as your capacity to continue to learn.