Small Businesses: Know Thyself First, and Then Market

To do marketing right, you need to know who you are communicating to in order to figure out what you will be communicating. Once you’re clear on that, you need a marketing plan to guide your decisions on how to reach your customers.

How to Create Business Cards that Leave a Lasting Impression

While it may be easy to brush of your business cards as an afterthought, your card will say a lot more about your brand to the person receiving it than you may realize. Luckily, there are plenty of options available for you to create a unique and memorable business card.

3 Branding Questions Small Businesses Need to Answer

How you present your small business is important. No matter how well you provide a service or product, there is one thing that can overshadow all your hard work: your brand.

3 Tips for Building Your Brand As Your Business Grows

It’s one thing to have your logo designed and to print your first set of business cards. But actively building your brand? That’s something entirely different. Luckily, building your brand doesn’t need to be (and shouldn’t be) a labour-intensive side project using these simple tips.

Brand Storytelling and Your Business

You may not realize it, but stories have a powerful role in how your customers interpret and perceive your business’ brand. But how do you harness this power to help successfully market and grow your business?

How to Become a Recognized Expert

So you want to be recognized as an expert in your field? Someone who’s a specialist, who

How to Write a Mission Statement that Works

If your mission statement is so vague that any organization in the world could adopt it, then it doesn’t do you much good. A mission statement should tell you why you’re unique in the world.

The Name Game

When choosing a name for your business, consider the impact it will have on the outside world’s perception of your company.

Protect Your Brand on the New .XXX Domain

As you may have heard, .XXX launched September 7. If you’re a small business owner and not selling products or services related to the adult entertainment industry, why should you care? Find out from Cybele Negris…