Trademarks: What They Are and Where They Fit Into Your Small Business Brand

Branding is an essential step of any new small business. A memorable and compelling brand is your opportunity  to stand out in a crowded marketplace. But what is a brand? By definition, a brand comprises a variety of elements that come together to create a distinctive personality for your business: […]

Why Hire a Branding Consultant

“Small businesses often consider branding as only something large companies do,

Choosing a Memorable Business Name

Selecting the right name for your product can have an enormous impact on your success. Repeat business is afterall the key to success, and if your business is memorable then that repeat business is all the more likely. But how can you stack the deck in your favor? 1. Think […]

Secrets. Of a Successful Small Business Brand.

To start unravelling the mystery of marketing, evaluate your brand objectively. Jump over to the other side of the fence and view your business from another point of view (your target). Be honest. Would you be interested?

Marrying Marketing and Architecture

Marketing your small business isn’t simply a matter of promotion- it’s also a method of connecting with your consumers in a meaningful way and forging a relationship with them. One method of reaching out to your target demographic is to utilize the literal brick and mortar of your business. By […]

Small Businesses: Know Thyself First, and Then Market

To do marketing right, you need to know who you are communicating to in order to figure out what you will be communicating. Once you’re clear on that, you need a marketing plan to guide your decisions on how to reach your customers.