Accounting Myths vs. Facts

Accounting can be an intimidating and often dreaded part of business for many entrepreneurs. To make it harder, there are many false facts flying around the internet that it can be hard to distinguish the facts from fiction. To help dispel some of those myths, here are four of the most common myths, BUSTED.

4 Financial Obstacles for Business Success

It is essential when starting out that you are aware of all the relevant tax rules for your business, locally, provincially and federally.The best way to avoid this issue is to stay on the offensive – always be as educated as possible about the applicable tax laws.

How to Create Business Cards that Leave a Lasting Impression

While it may be easy to brush of your business cards as an afterthought, your card will say a lot more about your brand to the person receiving it than you may realize. Luckily, there are plenty of options available for you to create a unique and memorable business card.

Is Your Small Business Ready for the Return of PST in April?

Are you one of the estimated 70,000 businesses that still need to register for PST in order to start collecting the tax on April 1? Find out how to register online and what resources are available.

The Return of PST: What it Means for your Business

You will likely receive a letter from the CRA in the next month, explaining how to register for PST in time for the April 1, 2013 deadline. Find out how these changes will affect you and what you need to do before the April deadline.

The Return of PST

Prior to the reimplementation of PST on April 1, 2013 all businesses will need to prepare their electronic and manual systems and processes, collect, and pay PST and GST. Find out what support the government is providing through this transition.

Tax Season is Here, Are You Ready?

For most Canadians, April means springtime; warmer weather, longer days, and an energized attitude. Unfortunately, April is also tax time, and for small business owners, this can bring about a lot of stress…

Payments Checklist: Tips for Choosing The Right Processor

With so many credit card processing solutions out in the market today, it can be hard to sift through different offerings and find the solution that supplies the best service possible for your business.

Hiring Credits for Employers

Did you know that the Federal Government introduced an incentive in October 2011 that is applicable to any business that increased their payroll in the 2011 year over that of the 2010 year?

How Online Billing Made Tax Prep Simpler

With the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and many of the utility and business service suppliers, like BC Hydro, providing access to your account information online at any time; the scenario of drowning in paper is starting to subside.