Taxation of Canadians in America

Are you a Canadian who spends your winters in the United States, or occasionally conducts work in the US? Many Canadians do not know that they need a work visa to legally conduct business during their stay in the United States. Even more worrisome is that they don’t now that they may be required to file taxes with the IRS. This law also applies to those telecommuting from the US for Canadian businesses. The consequences of declining to pay taxes or not obtaining a work visa can be severe. One could end up being declared an illegal immigrant and deported!

This book explains exactly who must pay taxes and who remains exempt. Many possible situations are detailed, such as what to do if you own property in the US,have made other financial investments, or have an American spouse or American-born children. The tax laws as related to income tax and state tax are also discussed.

The book discusses topics such as:

  • The basics of US taxation as it applies to snowbirds and cross-border workers
  • Foreign tax credits
  • Taxation of Registered Plans, pensions, and Social Security
  • Issues relating to real estate ownership
  • Taxation of gains
  • Taxes regarding health insurance

Taxation of Canadians in America arms you with the information you need to make responsible decisions as a Canadian living and working part time in he United States.

Price: $19.95 + GST
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