Taxation of Americans in Canada

Are you an American living in Canada and filing US tax returns? Legally, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can collect taxes on US citizens no matter where they permanently reside. Even dual citizens or those who have lived in Canada for many years are subject to some IRS rules, some CRA rules, and the Canada-US Tax Treaty. Recently, the IRS has been cracking down and collecting taxes from its citizens who live in foreign countries. Are you trying to comply with US tax laws but don’t where to find the answers to your tax questions? Authors Dale Walters, Sally Taylor and David Levine understand the fear and confusion that Americans may experience when confronted by the IRS and the CRA. In his book, Taxation of Americans in Canada, the authors seek to answer your questions and calm your fears so that you can be proactive about your US situation.

This book discusses topics such as:

• The basics of taxation for cross-border workers and other Americans living North of the 49th parallel
• Foreign tax credits
• Issues relating to real estate ownership

‘Taxation of Americans in Canada’ arms you with the information you need to make responsible decisions as an American living and working part time in Canada.

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