Startup Human Resources Kit: Easy to Use HR Tools for Small Business

Startup HR Kit Cover

Navigating the Complex World of Recruitment and Selection

HR and recruitment can be a daunting task if you have had no experience before, however the Startup HR Kit and CD ROM is here to help.  Providing you with the basic principles of human resources planning and the tools you will need to hire top talent for your small business. Designed by the professionals at Miles Employment Group Ltd., in partnership with Small Business BC, this kit is customized for the small business owner.

6 Easy to Manage Steps

Learn the essential six steps to developing an HR plan for hiring. From establishing your hiring needs, to advertising the opportunity, screening and interviewing potential candidates, and making an employment offer. This kit has all the practical steps and tools for getting it done. Hiring the best people will add value to your growing company.

Added Extras

As well as the hard copy binder full of excellent information, the Startup HR Kit includes a CD ROM with over 50 templates you can edit, save, print, and re-use as you plan and execute your hiring activities. An added feature is that the kit is organized with section dividers so that you can use it as your company personnel manual.

About Miles Employment Group

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