Start & Run a Retail Business

  • Beat the big box retailers
  • Provide outstanding customer service
  • Use technology to your advantage

Thirty-five years ago, opening and operating a retail business was a fairly straightforward process. But things have changed dramatically. Owner-operated retailers now face competition from category killers, multinational big-box retailers, and even “stores” that exist only on the Internet. Recognizing just how much the retail business has changed, authors Jim Dion and Ted Topping offer a different kind of how-to book, painting a clear picture of how an owner-operated retail business can thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. They even help you take the first concrete steps toward your dream–a bonus that has made this title a consistent seller. Start and Run a Retail Business is as much a valuable guide for owner-operated retailers working now as it is for people just starting out. With a practical and real world approach, the authors describe in detail the major aspects of running a profitable retail business. By examining retail from a customer’s perspective–and focusing on the in-store experience–this book will help you meet the challenges of today’s retail world head on. Topics covered include:

  • the basics of retail
  • merchandising
  • buying
  • human resources
  • sales management
  • technology
  • customer service
  • the in-store experience
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