Start & Run a Real Home-Based Business

Whether you want to work at home on your computer, open a daycare, start a local service (like a plumber, computer consultant, pet sitter, etc.), or anything else, then Start & Run a Real Home Based Business is what you’ve been waiting for.

  • Make good money working from home
  • Profit from skills you already have
  • Stop dreaming—start doing

With his free-wheeling, entertaining style, serial entrepreneur Dan Furman talks about his past and current business successes (and failures), and brings together 50+ topics essential to home based business owners. Pulling no punches, Furman shows you exactly what makes a home based business succeed or fail. In a blunt (yet fun), “NO BS” manner. You’ll laugh, you’ll nod your head in agreement, and (most of all) you’ll learn what it takes to truly succeed in owning and operating a small business. Read this article by Dan to get a feel for why this book has become such a hot seller.

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