Start & Run a Computer Repair Service

As technology becomes increasingly commonplace, there is a huge opportunity for computer repair and tech support businesses in every neighborhood, small town, and big city. The demand for knowledgeable technical people is on the rise as more and more areas of our lives require the use of technology. There is a huge opportunity here for entrepreneurs to open computer repair services, whether mobile/onsite or in a storefront!

If you are an amateur hobbyist with an interest in IT, a graduate of a computer science program, or a budding entrepreneur, it is possible to turn the technology wave into a profitable business.

Start & Run a Computer Repair Service is ideal for those who want to know more about how to start and run a store or onsite or mobile computer repair business. Whether you are new to the industry and just starting to research, or are a professional looking to branch out on your own, this book will guide you through the nuts and bolts of starting a successful business, as well as the specifics of computer repair shop ownership and operation; it’s everything you need to help you make a plan and follow through to create a successful operation.

Within the book and the enclosed CD-ROM, you will find resources and sound advice from the authors who started their own computer shop (and managed to keep it open and thriving through good and bad economic times).

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