Speak Out With Clout

Start speaking confidently today!

In its newly updated, 30th anniversary edition, Speak Out With Clout can help anyone improve their public speaking skills.

This book will help you succeed in public speaking, whether you are the president of a large corporation, or a guest speaker at a small club. Using simple, proven techniques, you will learn how to tell your story and create your own moving oratories. This book will show you how to —

  • organize, practice, and deliver your speech,
  • calm your nerves before getting on stage,
  • handle audience questions, and
  • make a lasting impression on your audience and the media.

Most courses on how to be a good speaker require memorization, but the method in this book focuses on eye contact and conversational yet authoritative reading. It also explains how to make sure your message reaches the widest possible audience. Start speaking confidently — with clout — today!

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