Media Communications Tool Kit

The Media Communications Tool Kit contains templates, checklists, tips, and information on strategies and activities for you to use as you market and promote your small business.

More Time but Less Money

The first section of the kit concentrates on providing the  tools for the activities that will take you more time but less money to complete.  The section includes information on how to use public relations, write press releases, plan a news media campaign, and handle an interview with a reporter.

More Money but Less Time

The second section concentrates on providing tools for activities which will use more of your money but need less of your time.  Find out how to get started on  your advertising campaign and how to create a business website.  The section also includes information on how to use social media to spread the word about your small business; explaining the basics of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, and how to write a social media news release.

Added Extras

As well as the hard copy folder, the Tool Kit also includes a CD ROM with templates you can edit, save, print, and re-use as you plan and execute media communications activities.  So buy the kit today and find out how you can start generating attention for your products or services and revenue for your business.

Price: $99.00 + GST
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