Managing Off-Site Staff for Small Business

Make the move to off-site staffing! Does your business need more employees but you don’t have the office space to accommodate them? Does someone on your staff want to work from home? Do you want to promote a flexible work environment but fear losing profits? Off-site staff may be the answer.

The changing face of today’s workforce and workplace means that employers need to seek alternative solutions to accommodate the needs of workers and expand their businesses. Managing Off-site Staff for Small Business provides managers with the tools to set up and maintain a productive off-site staffing program that benefits both employees and employers.

This book explains how to:

  • Determine whether off-site staffing or telecommuting is right for your company
  • Assess new and current telework candidates
  • Train telemanagers and teleworkers
  • Help off-site staff to cope
  • Communicate effectively
  • Set up the home office
  • Measure the success of your program
  • Take care of the legal details
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