Manage Your Online Reputation

What are people saying about you, your business, or your children online? If you’re being slandered on the Internet, what can you do to stop the damage?

A negative reputation can have harmful effects on your business and personal relationships. It is becoming increasingly important for companies and individuals to be able to effectively manage their online reputations. While businesses are springing up to help corporate customers deal with online reputation management issues, most small businesses, parents, and individuals will need to do the work themselves; and very few will have any idea how to do it.

In Manage Your Online Reputation, author and lawyer Tony Wilson guides readers through possible issues and on the steps to take to prevent or avert issues if negative things are being said about you, your business, or even your children on the Web.

You will learn:

  • How to monitor what people are saying about you online
  • What to do if someone slanders you, your company, or your child on the Internet
  • Best practices for Facebook and other social sites
  • How to be proactive and manage your online legacy going forward
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