Exporting from Canada

A world of international markets opens up for your small- or medium-sized business when you begin to export your product. To succeed in your exporting venture, you will need to know what, where, and how to export.

This book provides Canadian exporters and would-be exporters with easy-to-follow information and advice on the strategies and issues involved in doing business outside the country.

Topics covered include:

  • Possible markets
  • Product redesign
  • Costs and financial issues
  • Export business arrangements
  • Resources and government funding
  • Paperwork and documentation
  • NAFTA-related issues
  • Agents and product promotion

Exporting from Canada is also a complete resource directory, including reference guides, Internet sites, and business contacts that will help you develop an unbeatable entry strategy.

Practical pointers on visiting foreign countries will make your business trips run smoothly and effectively.

The Canadian population is comparatively small. With Exporting from Canada, you can make your target markets significantly larger, and your product more successful.

Price: $21.95 + GST
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