Business Letters Kit

Letter writing is an everyday necessity when you are running a business. Using the templates in this kit will make the process easier, help you save time, and give your letters a professional approach. With more than 150 templates, this kit contains all the essential business letters and form letters you might need, whether you are writing a thank-you letter, notifying a customer about a balance discrepancy, drawing up a confidentiality agreement, announcing your business name change, exercising a lease option, or transferring a stock certificate. Use these templates “as is” or as a starting point. These documents are fully customizable — modify the wording, change the font, insert your company logo or header. Valid in all provinces except Quebec. Some of the form letters included deal with:

  • Accounts payable and receivables
  • Business to business
  • Collections
  • Consignment
  • Corporate matters
  • Customer service
  • Leasing
  • Promotions and marketing
  • Shipping and receiving
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