How to Make Your Marketing Easier

Marketing. Not usually the favourite subject for entrepreneurs and other creative types. But it’s the lifeblood of your business and your career; essentially it’s your livelihood.

Investment or a Loan? How to Fund Your Small Business

In my last post, I offered tips on how to estimate the amount of capital you’ll need to open your small business. Once you know that number, it’s time to decide whether equity investment or a loan makes the most sense for your type of business.

How to Estimate Start-Up Costs for your New Company

So you want to start a new restaurant/accounting practice/gnome-themed birthday party company (insert your type of business)? If this is your first company, you’re probably wondering how to estimate your start-up costs.

How to Build Incredible Value into your Presentation

In the absence of value, every single selling situation degenerates to one thing…PRICE. The more value you build into your presentation, the more valuable your product becomes to your prospect. Features + Advantages + Benefits = Value