5 Steps to Getting More Clients

This is the woe of every new entrepreneur or small business, “How do I get more clients?” When I first started out in business this was really all that was on my mind. I knew that I was doing something incredible, I just needed people to share it with!

How to Find Your Ideal Investor

Starting a new business is a tough task these days. Not because there would be any major obstacles in the process itself, but the market is incredibly competitive and only the very best entrepreneurs are able to thrive in such an environment.

Launching Your Entrepreneurial Journey: Writing Your Business Plan

You’ve decided that you’ll finally start your business in 2013 and it’s time to start putting the pieces in place to make it happen. In all the excitement of a start-up launch, something really crucial often gets overlooked: the business plan.

How to Plan Your Marketing

If you run a small business – unless your business is marketing; I’m guessing that writing a marketing plan does not make your top ten list of fun things to do.

Facing the Dragons

May 10th 2012 was a day that will I will never forget as it was the day I pitched my invention called The HEFT in Toronto for the CBC TV show, the Dragons’ Den.

How to Make Your Marketing Easier

Marketing. Not usually the favourite subject for entrepreneurs and other creative types. But it’s the lifeblood of your business and your career; essentially it’s your livelihood.

Investment or a Loan? How to Fund Your Small Business

In my last post, I offered tips on how to estimate the amount of capital you’ll need to open your small business. Once you know that number, it’s time to decide whether equity investment or a loan makes the most sense for your type of business.