5 Reasons to Move to a Cloud-Based Accounting System

The climate for start-ups is notoriously competitive. With so many small businesses competing for marketshare, it takes a truly exceptional business model to rise to the top. Unfortunately, if your books are not in good shape, you might find yourself in a position where you need to do a lot […]

Staying Productive in an Open Office

Open offices, the hotbed for procrastination and the design of doom for the eternally distracted. Dating back to the 1950s, the original aim of the open office was to instill a sense of cross learning and collaboration with open space, large plants, and traditional furniture. Somehow, offices across the globe […]

Is That Marketing Event Really Worth the Spend?

As we all know, a business generally accounts for all its incomings and outgoings with a high degree of accuracy (well usually…). And part of that accounting is the marketing budget, which may be broken down into a bunch of separate activities: trade shows, seminars, website, entertaining, and the like. […]

The Biggest Fear of Selling Your Business

You will be hard-pressed to find a business owner who doesn’t love what they do. It’s a remarkable feeling to immerse yourself in an industry that you’re passionate about. Those feelings of pride are only enhanced when you turn that passion into a solid cash flow. However, being a business […]

The Five Step Approach to Boosting Business Growth

In today’s pursuit of success, companies seem to be continuously revamping their brand, with key messages and strategies becoming overwhelmingly focused on growth and innovation. According to PWC’s 2018 Global CEO Survey, Canadian CEOs expressed a record level of confidence in the global economy (72%) and their own company’s […]

Essential Automation Tools For Small Businesses

Do you ever find yourself spiraling in a vortex of wasted time, flitting through files of paper trying to locate a particular document? Are you still manually sending the same emails, following up on client invoices and processing payments? Do you spend endless time trying to manage and communicate with […]

4 Tax Tips for Small Business

The life of an entrepreneur can sometimes be overwhelming when it comes to accounting, corporate tax filings and other tax matters. Before I became an accountant, I was an owner of a small business. On top of worrying about running a successful business, I would always wonder if I missed […]

Digital Strategies to Employ

In my last Blog –A Guide to Small Business Digital Transformation– I explained the why, what and how of Digital Transformation (DT). Essentially, DT happens when a small business makes the changes required to meet the latest, ‘digital expectations’ of consumers, for example, providing an online shopping option. Making […]

A Guide to Small Business Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is something of a buzzword right now, but like so many trending business ideas; there is no consensus on precisely what it means. Here’s my take; it’s really about the relationship between two things… Digital technology provides us with immediate access, via a Smart Phone, to virtually any […]

10 Energy Saving Tips for Small Business Owners

Are you a small business owner struggling with the high cost of electricity? Are you motivated to lower your power bills but are uncertain which upgrades will bring a return on your investment?  You’re not alone! As small business owners, we understand the critical importance of keeping costs under control. […]