Prince George, Cariboo

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In Business Since 2022

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Worth A Shot Mobile Bar

Prince George, Cariboo

Worth a Shot Mobile Bar is a fully equipped mobile bartending service that brings the party to you. Worth A Shot is Northern BC's first mobile bartending trailer. It has been completely customized to serve any event. We aspire to create opportunities to bring the community together to connect, engage, and socialize. Our commitment to quality, consistency, and care provide the perfect recipe for an unforgettable experience.

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Best Youth Entrepreneur

What motivated you to start your business and what is your vision for the future of the company?

I grew up in a very small rural community in northern BC. Growing up I was always aware of the limited access to resources and opportunities that people in my community faced, and I knew that I wanted to do something about it. So, for the past five years I have made it my mission to find ways to bridge the resource gap between rural northern communities. I am motivated to develop businesses that fill demonstrated needs. Especially ones that help reduce the challenges and barriers that people from communities like mine face. I founded Worth a Shot Mobile Bar after recognizing a segment of the service industry that was not being met in the Cariboo and Bulkley-Nechako Regions. The launch was met with an overwhelming amount of support and has become an exciting new option for every event. Worth a Shot is one of two businesses I own. Both companies provide employment opportunities to rural residents, and offer access to services that would otherwise be unavailable in these areas. Since opening my first business in 2021 I have been fortunate enough to employ 20 individuals between both companies. The Worth a Shot team is looking forward to eventually expanding operations to communities outside of our region so that we can serve other underserved communities. Our short term goal is to complete the launch of our mocktail line and have them in stores near you by June 2023!

Why do you deserve to win the Best Youth Entrepreneur Award?

I believe that true entrepreneurship is recognizing a need and finding a way to meet it. My entrepreneurial endeavors have stemmed from my first hand experience of the challenges rural northern residents face. Instead of creating businesses with a focus of financial gain, I have built my companies with the vision of creating opportunities and resources for individuals and communities that need additional support. The employment opportunities that my companies are creating combined with the new services available to the areas we operate in, are aiding in building stronger, more resilient environments where residents can feel included, supported, and empowered. As a 23 year old with a long career ahead of her, I am excited to continue to create solutions to meet the needs of our changing economy. I believe I am deserving of the Best Youth Entrepreneur Award because I’ve been courageous enough to take a chance on, and believe in a dream. I’ve devoted a large amount of time and energy to learn everything I can about the industry, and I’ve developed new skills and the mindset to make it all happen. I’ve worked tirelessly to overcome my fears, frustrations, doubts, risk of failure, and still I’ve persevered. Despite working a full-time job, and balancing a heavy university course load I have made my business plans a reality. I love the thought of inspiring other youth to take chances on their entrepreneurial dreams. To be recognized through this award would be a great honor and an amazing accomplishment that I would cherish forever.

People's Choice

Why do you think you should win the Premier’s People’s Choice Award?

The last few years have been quite difficult for so many people. It can be incredibly isolating and even detrimental to our health when we aren’t able to connect with our peers, friends, and family. We’ve all spent a great deal of time waiting to be able to go out and enjoy a drink or attend a social event with our friends and now we finally can! Worth A Shot works to bring individuals and the community together to connect, engage, and socialize. We literally bring the party to you! The convenience of having a mobile bartending unit that can show up right at your doorstep is a thing of the future! Our clients can enjoy professional service in the comfort of their own backyard and can taste the care and quality in every glass. From business meetings, to weddings, to backyard bbq’s and everything in between, Worth a Shot is being embraced as a cool and refreshing business, here to meet a very hot demand! A must-have for gatherings and networking events, this mobile bar brings a completely new aesthetic to every event with the use of our champagne walls, cigar and whiskey carts, and draft beer stations. We offer inclusive and diverse beverage options, exceptional bartending services and customized event packages that are designed to meet your unique needs. Although our services centre around the use of alcohol, we offer options for everyone. Our charity events, fundraisers, and community gatherings are all zero alcohol and feature signature mocktails for everyone to enjoy! As the first and only mobile bartending unit in Northern BC, it was essential to integrate a real standard of excellence into the business. Worth a Shot cares a great deal about our quality of service, with customer satisfaction being the highest priority. This is demonstrated through our attention to detail, our tokens of appreciation and through the overwhelming support the business has received in its first year post launch.

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