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Truly Lifestyle Brand

Surrey, Mainland/Southwest

Welcome to new-age skincare with purposeful ingredients, backed by science. Truly Lifestyle Brand is redefining natural skincare, and creating a conscious beauty space all at once. Made locally in British Columbia, Truly features an inclusive line of luxury skincare and haircare products at an affordable price. From simple, effective ingredients like Witch Hazel, to complex active ingredient solutions of Retinol and Vitamin C, we have what you’re looking for. Vegan, cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny certified, we’re here to celebrate your beauty, truly. At Truly, sustainability is at the core of what we do. We’re proud to use PCR (Post-Consumer-Resin) across all our packaging, an alternative to single use plastics that relies on materials like water bottles and plastic bags to create our upcycled packaging. Our scope of sustainability also includes organizations like PACT collective, and 1% for the planet, whose aim is to reduce the amount of plastic in our oceans and land by offering recycling programs, and providing home-compostable, secondary packaging. From the humblest of beginnings, Truly Lifestyle Brand was founded on a basement suite coffee table by Alexandria Macfarlane, almost 4 short years ago! Frustrated with the state of the beauty industry, Alexandria began creating her own simple, yet effective skincare products using ingredients she trusted, and has created a seven figure business in the process. Today, Truly operates the same way as it was founded, to provide a natural and sustainable product to an oversaturated beauty market. This is not your average beauty brand. At Truly, you are a part of a community of skincare lovers, and good hearted people that want to make a difference in their skin, and the world we live in. That’s why we offer personalised services and support groups for our customers, and provide exceptional resources like our skin quizzes, ingredient glossary, 1:1 product consultations, and so much more. Being a testimonial driven brand, we celebrate real people experiencing real results, which is why you’ll never see a model on our product pages that isn’t a Truly customer! The future of beauty isn’t complicated, it’s Truly Lifestyle Brand. Welcome to sustainability, welcome to real results, and welcome home.

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Best Youth Entrepreneur

What motivated you to start your business and what is your vision for the future of the company?

I started Truly Lifestyle Brand while holding down my full-time job as well as working as a social media influencer focusing on beauty products on the side. After trying virtually every beauty product - nothing really compared to the simple at-home products I was creating for myself. I had such a passion for beauty and skincare and wanted to share the results I was getting from simple, safe, and natural products which inspired the creation of my brand, Truly! I founded Truly on my basement suite coffee table just over 4 years ago! Today, Truly operates the same way as it was founded, to provide a natural and sustainable product to an oversaturated beauty market, and has become a seven figure business in the process. With over 2.5K 5 star reviews, hundreds of skin transformation photos and countless customer testimonials, the response to Truly in these 4 years has been incredible and hearing how much the brand has impacted our community really fuels the fire to keep going. As for the future of Truly, I foresee the company expanding in larger markets, releasing new, innovative products and continuing on the trajectory that it’s on, especially when it comes to supporting our customers in an authentic way. We are members of our community, and our customers feel as though they are speaking with a helpful friend, and never a bot. We pride ourselves on our connection and rapport with all new and returning customers, as well as our dedication to product transparency and education. Truly has bridged the gap between an oversaturated beauty market, and the personal testimonial and product knowledge that it lacks. While we know that anyone can create a great product, the dedication we have in providing full transparency about our ingredients, how our products are made, and detailed product use explanations has created a user-friendly experience unlike any other, and that will never change.

Why do you deserve to win the Best Youth Entrepreneur Award?

I think I am the best candidate for the Best Youth Entrepreneur Award based on the commitment I’ve had to Truly Lifestyle Brand and all that it encompasses, which has led to a quick but stable climb to success. By focusing on core values and understanding what my community needs, I was able to fill a gap within the beauty industry and really form my own place in such a saturated market.

People's Choice

Why do you think you should win the Premier’s People’s Choice Award?

Our community has supported us since the beginning of our journey, and it defines us just as much 4 years later. Truly Lifestyle Brand was started due to a lack of effectiveness and transparency within the beauty space, and founder Alexandria has created an emotional bond with all those who trust her with their skin. Unlike other companies, Truly’s hands-on approach is focussed on meaningful and personal online interaction, whether that be through social media channels like Instagram and Tiktok, or less conventional avenues like hand written thank you cards and thoughtful phone calls. Our philosophy is dedicated not only to customer retention, but more importantly customer loyalty. In an oversaturated beauty market, retention in itself is not enough. While a customer may be a repeat buyer of a product, focusing on customer loyalty has helped us create real, authentic relationships with our customers, inviting them to spread the word about Truly to friends and family, which helps us welcome new customers. From a social media perspective, this means replying to every single DM and comment, creating interactive skin Q&A sessions for our 24K IG followers, and hosting live sessions and community based contests and events, such as our annual warehouse sale. With the loyalty and support of our community, Truly saw an astounding 57% returning customer rate last year, with a 29% increase from the previous year. Our dedication to going the extra mile for our customers also includes our hassle free return policy, free local pick up to two locations in the lower mainland, as well as top notch customer service in every aspect of our business. Our over 45+ stockists across BC and Canada can attest that our product knowledge and support has led them to see an increase in new Truly customers in their stores, and online spaces. Truly is a testimonial driven brand, meaning that we rely on real life before and afters from people using our products to share their effectiveness with the world. Not relying on models and staged shoots for our progress photos creates an open dialogue for real skin transformations, and creates consumer trust and transparency. We are incredibly proud to have over 2.5K organic 5 star reviews from people who have tried and loved our products. We’re on a mission to become the most transparent and people-driven beauty brand in the industry, and our dedication to good skincare products and happy customers sets us apart from the rest.

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