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The Nudie Collective

North Vancouver, Mainland/Southwest

Melt away your insecurities — quite literally. The Nudie Collective is a home and wellness brand focused on racial inclusivity and body diversity while elevating your safe spaces. Custom, beeswax and soy wax blend female body-shaped candles to elevate your home decor. We offer a range of candles in five body shapes in five custom shades.

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Business Impact Award

Tell Us Your Story. What motivated you to start your business? Why are you passionate about what you do?

We can all agree that being locked inside had taken a toll on our emotional, physical and mental well-being. Home decor quickly grew in importance as the isolating hours grew longer and connections became more and more challenging to keep. In the midst of the pandemic, four like-minded women came together to create a product where each of them felt represented. The home decor products that clogged our FYP and Instagram explore page had the same look and feel as a 2007 Victoria’s Secret fashion show. We weren’t seeing personalized, diverse, inclusive products that we could proudly display in our home. After hours of mindlessly scrolling through social media, one thing became clear: we’re struggling with our body image. This project is rooted in the notion that we want to work towards healing our relationship with our bodies and hope to inspire the same with our community.

Describe and demonstrate, including metrics, your community support. How do you support and uplift your community, and how do they show that support in return? Minimum 25 words, maximum 2500 characters.

We, The Nudie Collective is joining the movement to a future where all shapes, sizes and colours are celebrated. Lead for and by women, our collective goal is simple: to grow your self-love and share our appreciation for female nudity. Melt away your negative thoughts about your body, quite literally. At our roots, Nudie is a 50% black-owned business. We wanted to ensure that all visual components, creator collaborations, features, and our product represented that fact. We are proudly committed to bringing you an inclusive and diverse product.

Why do you deserve to win the Business Impact award?

Because our collective goal is simple but our hustle is hard. We want to help our audience grow their self-love and share our appreciation for female nudity. Our message is distinct and clear and we believe we've left a lasting impact on our existing audience. Since launch, we've gained over 1000+ followers across TikTok and Instagram and received glowing responses from our customers.

Tell Us About Your Culture. How are you creating a sustainable and healthy workplace where everyone feels welcome? Provide examples of leadership you show in interactions with clients, vendors, contractors, staff and others.

This project is rooted in the notion that we want to work toward healing our relationship with our bodies and hope to inspire the same in our community. In our 150 days since launch, we've had the opportunity of working with CMMN GRND Fitness Studio, Spin-Co, Cream Pony, Kara Yoo Jewellery, Daily Hive, Nude Beverages and Lower Lonsdale.

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