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North Soul Studios

Prince George, Cariboo

Dani is a wife, mom, craftswomen, + creativity chaser- She is the definition of organized chaos! Dani is passionate about offering a unique and thoughtful twist on art. Her most popular creations include cedar mountain pieces and mosaics, while she also plays with chalk art, window painting, and calligraphy. Dani’s most valued power source is her family; Partner Steve, kids Zoey + Cruise, and Dog Milo. Dani is the Founder and solopreneur of North Soul Studios.

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The definition of success will be different for everyone. My definition is to feel connected. Connected to my art, the Earth, and human relationships. It’s important to remember, we are the sum of the people we hang out with most- Because of this theory, I surround myself with those who lift me up and in return, I do the same for them. As a result, I have organically created this digital neighborhood built on the foundation of inclusivity; Where everyone and their feelings are valid. Whether it's having hard time through motherhood, feeling overwhelmed, experiencing joy, success, or failure, we will celebrate together. And, perhaps most importantly, the universal thread of artwork connects us through it all. Aside from our online community, North Soul has also nourished human relationships in real life- This has most notably been proven during my winter market, which is my FAV annual event! North Souldiers show up hours early and indulge in warming conversations, coffees, giveaways, and listen to music, all while waiting to purchase their artwork. I have been told my art is successful because it vibrates on a different energetic level. I believe that's true; I want each piece that goes out to connect with the client/community member in a way that is special and authentic. Art has the power to bring people of all of backgrounds together, and I'm more than stoked to provide that space, online and in the flesh.

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