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Fires of Compassion

Vancouver, Mainland/Southwest

"Compassion born here lives for all to know one trusted fire" Imagine a world - where desire for heart is allowed and the fire of compassion protected. Without compassion there is no love and without love there is no earth. The ancient way helps clear away the pain of old, the danger of present, and puts forth hope for new outcome. The rising flame transforms what we cannot manage, placing mindfulness at the center of our work. Fires of Compassion is all faiths indigenous support. Our collective care programs provide earthstewardship, health restoration and spiritual care.

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Business Impact Award

Tell Us Your Story. What motivated you to start your business? Why are you passionate about what you do?

Fires of Compassion was inspired by Denise Richard through a dedication to care. It all began in the early 90's with her indigenous ordination that committed to hold counsel in support of all faiths, Denise Richard then opened her first studio in support of health and spiritual care. In the late 90's Fires of Compassion was born to include a distinction of earthstewardship in ministry.With an interest in old traditions of stewardship that included earth based healing protocols, a new view was created . Fires of Compassion helped to format a stewardship program that would inspire collective care on all levels of need by engaging in research and development to protect cultural health. Ongoing work supports the development of programs for physical restoration and spiritual programs that elevate the need for whole body health and community land care. Today, Fires of Compassion welcomes all to know one trusted fire.

Describe and demonstrate, including metrics, your community support. How do you support and uplift your community, and how do they show that support in return? Minimum 25 words, maximum 2500 characters.

With years of experience in spiritual care and education in health restoration, Denise Richard wanted to engage a bigger view for health. Therefore this model for care needed to include environmental awareness. Her process for care helped establish a relationship with agencies that brought high standards to community. The Fires of Compassion programs were not easy to develop since the union of officials could not engage in ordinary world views. The promotion of Fires of Compassion programming in that time had no visual need at high levels of government. This gave Denise Richard an idea to bring her programs to a community level and develop a way of engagement, She promoted care of land, care for community and care for families in a unique health and recreation program. This was reflected through her service with Environmental Climate Action Advisory Commitee, Emergency Social Services, Cultural Master Plan and the Community Wellness and Recreation, Participation with these community care agencies highlighted the need for environmental care and brought forth spiritual care in reflection of climate action. The surge of need was seen through the issue of other programs that could not reach a masterful level of health and development. Fires of Compassion is viewed with high standards; a unique service and resource of care in spiritual counsel of earthstewardship.

Why do you deserve to win the Business Impact award?

For decades Fires of Compassion has offered a view that caring for land is caring for people. Giving hope in support of growth, making it possible for people and land to know care. This is the promise: earthstewardship with our earthcare health programs can bring us together. Undergoing a transformation with this compassionate model presents successful community holding. The distinction for this award is an offer of hope, and the imagining of a way for all people in all places.

Tell Us About Your Culture. How are you creating a sustainable and healthy workplace where everyone feels welcome? Provide examples of leadership you show in interactions with clients, vendors, contractors, staff and others.

Fires of Compassion has roots from times of old where each program was developed through masterful teachers of an ancient Asian system. The work offers sustainable care for body, mind, spirit, home and workplace. Based on a relationship model of service for care, we welcome and protect the building of a community field that cares for indigenous health, in elderly, and all. Supported only through donation Fires of Compassion is sustainable to all incomes. On example of leadership, in years past there was no online system for health management. Through the Covid challenge, Fires of Compassion developed a general program with masterful content. Including a model for business with care that adapted to the need of the community. Creating a simple and easy format to help educate and engage a new spiritual care system. Fires of Compassion demonstrates a clear commitment in leadership by inspiring health and compassion during stressful times.

People's Choice

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I would deserve the Premier's People's Choice Award because this model for health and spiritual care will connect all agencies, all people of all tradition and all colour.

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