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Copper Pony Poles + Equestrian Sporting Equipment

Courtenay, Vancouver Island/Coast

Sourcing modern arena equipment is difficult for Canadian equestrians. I founded Copper Pony with one goal in mind: to make great products more accessible to equestrians across the country! That is why every item we make, or choose to carry, has been thoughtfully designed for versatility, durability, safety - and not the least - a winning appearance.

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E-Commerce Experience Award

How have you optimized your e-commerce store to create a strong user experience for your community, (through content, education, reviews etc.) and what results have you achieved?

I’ve come to think of “optimization” and a “successful e-commerce business” in terms of two questions. If my e-store is well optimized, I will be able to say “yes!” to the question: “are my customers able to find me?” In order for my e-commerce store to achieve actual results, however, I need to affirmatively answer another question: “am I solving my customer’s problem effectively?” Since launching copperpony.ca at the end of 2021, I’ve implemented the following optimization strategies: - finding and implementing backlinks whenever possible; - creating SEO optimized web copy and product descriptions; - leveraging genuine social media content to drive organic traffic; and - increasing natural search relevance by keeping the site’s content current (ie: by adding new products and creating educational blog content). (*Worth noting is that a key part of my ability to create genuine social media content has been the product that started it all: Copper Pony Poles! Since 2020, I’ve been creating handmade poles for BC equestrians. They are made from fir harvested from sustainably managed BC forests and stand out because they are entirely unique - perhaps even on an international scale!). So, are my customers able to find me? YES! My strategies are paying off! This year’s Quarter to Date report shows a 482% increase in sessions over last year and a 45.83% customer return rate! What about results? Since I believed that “access” was my customer's problem, I needed to do three things: - secure the right suppliers (manufacturers that created modern arena products that are cost effective to ship); - implement an automatic shipping calculator; and - achieve shipping rates that would make sense for customers in the context of the product cost. I accomplished my goals. In 2022, I secured exclusive retail rights to two leading arena equipment brands, created a beautiful, user friendly, optimized website and integrated a shipping platform that provides my customers with absolutely amazing, automatically calculating, shipping rates! In spite of late inventory arrivals, my tiny startup business is “in the black” in its first year in business! I believe all that means: “Yes! I am solving my customer’s problem effectively!”

Why do you deserve to win the E-commerce Experience Award?

I did something no one else in my industry has done. Why? The Canadian Horse industry generates 13.5 billion in annual expenditures for the production, care and activities with horses! Perhaps it hasn’t been done because it is not an easy thing to do? As with many startups, the risks are high and so are the chances of failure. Importing is difficult, time consuming and unpredictable. Freight and shipping rates have been at an all time high. Border delays, inspections and fees can (and does) crush small businesses. On top of that, interest rates have increased in a dramatic and unforeseen manner. But, I believed there was a market gap in terms of accessibility, and my start up e-commerce statistics support this theory! I’ve worked incredibly hard, remained dedicated and created a unique, legitimate business! If I were to win, the award money would not go to waste. I’ve already proven that my business is viable and shows a great deal of promise. The funds will lower my monthly costs (help me pay off my business loans faster), and go towards improving the efficiency of my shipping / receiving area. Thank you in advance for your kind consideration of my application.

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