Prince George, Cariboo

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In Business Since 2022

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Chaà Tayo Bubble Tea and Wings

Prince George, Cariboo

Chaà Tayo is a Filipino phrase asking or inviting someone to grab a cup of tea. Chaà Tayo Bubble Tea and Wings Inc., is a chic and unique tea bar that came into being to supplement the growing demand for bubble tea in Prince George. We have a distinctive menu and an ambition to turn Chaà Tayo into a thriving new business. At Chaà Tayo, we believe in providing quality bubble tea, hot and fresh chicken wings and light snacks at an affordable price. We offer a variety of delicious drinks that are served with different toppings. Against the nicer sit-down café, we offer similarly high-quality and professionally crafted drinks but with the convenience and lack of pretense that customers clearly have come to prefer. At Chaà Tayo, we believe that tea time is always a good time.

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At Chaà Tayo, we make it a goal to bring the best quality bubble tea to ensure excellence in every sip. We want to believe that we are doing a good job at offering the best possible products and services for our customers. We strive in creating a culture of warmth and belonging and finding new ways to grow our company and each other. Through this business, we are giving back to the community by creating new jobs at the same time helping enrich the local culture by sharing a piece of our heritage through food and drinks. Since we are just in our inception stage, winning this award can really make a difference. It will boost our confidence and give us confirmation that we really do a good job. Furthermore, it gives us motivation to continue working on our business and improve it even further. I believe, winning this award will also give us the excitement and enthusiasm to achieve our goal, that is, to spark change in all people on how we view the different cultures in this everchanging, diverse and interconnected world.

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