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Allora spa

Gibsons, Vancouver Island/Coast

My first encounter with providing esthetics was through an apprenticeship program at Christiansen village retirement home associated with the Gibsons alternative school. What started as a way to obtain credits spun into a passion for providing appearance based services but so much more. I saw how positive the mental change was for both myself and those I was providing for which drove a passion for the connection between physical and mental benefits of esthetics services. Ive been able to create an environment that feels like I’m connecting with old friends, easing their anxieties about life and having them leave happy and fulfilled. I believe that my clients seek me out due to my expertise and integrity within an unregulated industry. My continued education and standard creates a positive relationship with my clients which leads to trust related branch out services and retail sales. These are the reasons that I think I’ve been able to maintain and grow a small business on the Sunshine Coast. The past five years have seen massive changes in how I’ve run Allora spa, through many educational upgrades and investments I’ve transformed the space from a small opportunity and a job for myself into a thriving brand with great community impact. Last year I began mentoring other woman in business to empower and educate for the greater good of the industry. Standard for service in an unregulated industry can be complicated but with guidance and connection I’m proud of how the bar has been raised in our community through communication. Despite the lack of storefront exposure I have thrived now for five years through word of mouth in a small but powerful community. Taking the risk in opening my own business gave me the confidence to expand my services, invest in myself and drop the products or services that just weren’t working for my own health and wellness. I’m proud to be nominated for this award and although I specialize in esthetics and not writing thank you for reading about Allora spa!

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Best Youth Entrepreneur

What motivated you to start your business and what is your vision for the future of the company?

My motivation for starting Allora spa was fueled by a passion for higher standard and support. I had always enjoyed providing esthetics and learning about the internal and external components to service. After five years in the industry I felt burnt out and frustrated, knowing that I could be providing an elevated level of service and live a healthier life was all the motivation I needed. Moving forward with my company my goals are to continue to provide a high level of service while continuing to level up my education, connect with other entrepreneurial woman and inspire others. Providing myself with rounded education including internal factors, external, mind and spirit arms me with the knowledge to pass along to my clients. I look forward to working with my mentors, building strong relationships with others in my industry and continuing to grow with my clientele.

Why do you deserve to win the Best Youth Entrepreneur Award?

I would hope that my story could inspire other woman, I was asked to leave my high school for lack of attendance and through the alternative school found a new path. At 31 years old I’ve recently been diagnosed with ADHD in which I strongly feel has both hindered and been a super power. It held me back in school without having the right tools and support but with a discovered passion and the support of my family and loved ones I have flourished. I have been so fortunate to be guided by teachers, mentors and strong woman that I’m driven to do the same. Educate, connect and support others who may need the resources or learn differently. My goal is to close my doors each day knowing that I’ve not only given someone a service but also a shoulder, a laugh, inspiration or guidance.

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