Vernon, Thompson-Okanagan

The Room Collection

Vernon, Thompson-Okanagan

Located in Vernon, BC, The Room Collection is the Okanagan’s most inspiring, well-curated home decor and furniture store. From unique wall art to custom upholstered furniture, from locally made gifts to bed linen, lighting and candles, you’ll find a fabulous range of quality products. Along with all that, we offer our fun, welcoming and expert staff to assist you in finding your "beautiful things for life". Woman owned and operated, The Room Collection is a partnership between best friends Karen Miller and Alison Ludditt, who met in kindergarten. Post-university and marriage, they did what no best friends should ever do and went into business together! Between them they bring a shared passion for all things 'home', a wide variety of skills and a lot of individual quirks, which result in a very effective and super fun management team. Factor in their ShopDogs (Monte and Holly Sprinklewings) and the store is alive with charm, laughter and warmth! In the 11 years that Karen and Alison have owned The Room Collection, they have moved locations (doubling their store size), grown enough to need additional warehouse space, opened a beautiful online store, won Canadian Retailer of the Year 2017 and co-raised (with their patient husbands) five children between them! They place a huge emphasis on carrying products made in Canada, and locally if possible. They are active members of the business community and practice what they preach in supporting other local businesses. At The Room Collection, there is not only focus on creating an inspiring and welcoming shopping environment for their growing customer base, but Karen and Alison cultivate a team environment of encouragement, celebration, compassion and growth. They are incredibly grateful for their amazing staff and for the loyalty, trust and fun of all their customers over the years

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In Business Since 2010

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Business Impact Award

What motivated you to start your business? Why are you passionate about what you do?

We purchased our business 11 years ago out of a mutual passion for interior decorating and a strong belief that home is where all things should begin and end. Having been best friends almost all our lives, Karen and I had a good sense of our shared values - but only the coming adventures in business would show us just how shared they were! Yes, we are passionate about decor, furniture and interior styling. And as it turned out, we are both VERY passionate about creating a wonder-full in-store experience. This includes everything from the visual displays to stellar customer service to our curated selection of 'warm modern' offerings. But even MORE important than that, we both want to offer a top-notch buying experience, from start to finish. And if we do a good enough job, there often isn't a finish, as evidenced by our many return customers. Indeed, we delight in our relationships with customers, and our favourite sound in the store is people laughing together. We try to bring that same spirit of fun and gratitude to our social media and our online store and any other way we do business with people (i.e over the phone). Similarly, we never take for granted the companionship and work ethic of our team members. They inspire us and impress us and make us laugh day in and day out. Our best days are working with customers who get us excited with their own excitement about finding just the right gift for someone or making long-awaited improvements to their homes. And for both of us, we get to spend every day in business with our best friend! What could be better!

Why do you deserve to win the Business Impact award?

The growth and success of our business has been such an collaborative process with our community. Karen and I have shaped The Room Collection according to our conviction that business should be done fairly, professionally and with a good deal of fun. In return our customers have shaped our business with their wants and needs, their feedback and their support. They have shown us what's important to them in terms of what we offer, but also how we reach out to and contribute to our larger community. Really, it should be a two way impact award! We have put heart and soul, sweat and tears into growing our business. We have learned and unlearned and relearned so many things and tried to adjust our skills and methodologies to match. We have picked each other up off the figurative floor, worked harder than we thought was possible and belly laughed more than is probably sensible! An award like a Small Business BC Award would mean the world to us, our team and our customers as recognition for all we have overcome and achieved together, and as encouragement for all that is yet to be conquered!

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