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The Cut Fashion Design Academy

Vancouver, Mainland/Southwest

The Cut Fashion Design Academy (TCFDA) is the only accredited educational institution that offers diploma and certificate course customization with a 1:8 teacher-student ratio. By removing the 1 to 4-year commitment, TCFDA eliminates the accrual of excessive student debt. Its small class size requirement allows students to develop skills quickly and expertly to move into the workforce and succeed. Led by industry expert Liza Deyrmenjian, who channels her 30-years of fashion and manufacturing entrepreneurship into a design academy that graduates students in high demand with respected brands like TenTree, Lululemon, and Arc'teryx. The Cut also cares about quality-of-life for students by providing financing and homestay opportunities for the many different types of students - those who are ready to start their careers, ready to jump back into the workforce or gear up to launch a passion project. TCFDA is committed to inspiring, educating and creating true fashion and business professionals who value quality and creativity, eschew fast fashion mentality and profiteering, and promote academic excellence through rigorous programs and a unique learner-centred environment. Accessible through in-person, virtual-live, and virtual-recorded courses has been a priority since the doors opened and ensure that everyone, no matter their ability or financial situation, can receive an education that will improve quality of life through career possibilities and higher wages. Founder and Dean Liza D is also an outspoken advocate for the planet, having watched fast fashion destroy the environment and the market for quality-made clothing. Sustainability is part of key academy messaging. A new course offered in 2022 is 'Thrift Flip,' which teaches garment repurposing and is the first developed to teach lifeskills that make extending garment life easier.

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Business Impact Award

What motivated you to start your business? Why are you passionate about what you do?

Launching The Cut Fashion Design Academy was a long time coming! After 20-years in the garment, textile, and manufacturing business, founder and dean Liza Deyrmenjian was ready to put all her knowledge and expertise into a new business that would change how fashion/design students learned. A way that broke with the traditional methods of 1-year certificates and 3-year diplomas which consist of what she considered 'filler classes' to keep the institutions thriving but keep students indebted to students loans and potentially uninspired by the time they received their cap and gown. As an educator and Dean of The Cut Fashion Design Academy, and founder of The Cutting Room, a work-learn manufacturing studio that specializes in pattern development, sampling, and production for brands including Herschel, Park and Fifth, Lija, and Dish & Duer, Liza Deyrmenjian has established a unique environment to foster fashion industry talent. The Cut is bold, innovative, and current and speaks to the philosophy of now - creating sustainability, zero-waste, equity, transparency, and authenticity in the garment industry. The Academy boasts diverse, professional instructors, with classes that focus on fashion design and production skills, as well as marketing, sales, networking, and business skills. Students become creative and adaptable industry professionals with tools to build their own brands and careers in the industry.

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Liza Deyrmenjian and the instructors at The Cut Fashion Design Academy have been devoted to doing what is right for the students from day one. The traditional academic teaching model has never been a good fit for creatives and with The Cut's a la carte flexibility, students can learn technical skills (sewing, pattern-making, 3D design, illustration) quicker and more intensely, and be interviewing for a well-paying position at respected and stable fashion and manufacturing companies faster than their counterparts. The Lower Mainland is a hotbed of fashion and design opportunities, and with the academy's relationship with HR from the top companies, graduating students are able to achieve gainful employment in their communities and launch their careers with the skills needed to succeed.

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