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Synergy Executives and Boards Consulting Group

Coquitlam, Mainland/Southwest

Synergy Executive & Boards Consulting Group is a diversity-oriented executive and board recruitment company located in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company is championing and leading the way in Black, Indigenous, and People of color (BIPOC) placements, and is committed to helping companies build diverse, world-class management teams through exceptional talent and solutions

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In Business Since 2020

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Business Impact Award

What motivated you to start your business? Why are you passionate about what you do?

We were motivated by our lived experiences as professional of color in Vancouver. We noticed there were many Black, Indigenous and People Of Color (BIPOC) professionals but we hardly saw any in C suite nor on Boards. The Federal Government also passed Bill C-25 (The diversity bill) which mandated C-suites and boards to diversify. As of 2020, Only 5.5 % of BIPOC were in the C-Suite and boards. For a number of years, board members in our circles were reaching out to us for referral as they needed to diversify their boards but they didn't know where nor how to find the qualified people of color. We started by just casually referring BIPOC to them but the demand became great. In 2020, we started Synergy on Boards. We took a two pronged approach whereby we sought to educate BIPOC folks that were interested in serving boards but lacked the knowledge and confidence to step up. We also were placing those that were board ready onto boards. a year later we realized the pool was not big enough as there was a barrier to getting BIPOCs in the C-Suite so we decided to widen the pool by engaging in executive job placements and becoming a BIPOC executive search company. We have since generated a big pipeline for any company looking to hire BIPOC on their executive in addition to a big database of candidates who are qualified for board positions. Our database grows every single day. We are passionate about equality. We are passionate about equal opportunity for equal qualification. We know that diverse boards make for successful organizations. We know that diversity on boards and in the c-suite makes economic sense and we want organizations to achieve their maximum potential by tapping into such diverse talent and mindsets.

Why do you deserve to win the Business Impact award?

Synergy Executives & Boards Consulting Group deserves to win the Impact award because that is who we are and what we are here to create, IMPACT. We are at the intersection of a for profit business and a purpose driven business. We have created a perfect integration of the two and the result has been a win win situation. Qualified BIPOC candidates now have the opportunity and exposure to be placed in executive roles and on boards while organizations win by tapping into diverse talent to sit on their decision making tables. Organizations are able to create the perfect balance which improves their bottom line. The IMPACT we are creating to organizations and the BIPOC community is huge and its multiplicity will continue into the future. BIPOC youth will have more role models in executive roles and qualified BIPOC will now become full economic contributors to their communities. Organizations will make decisions that take into account all involved which results in economic benefits to them. Synergy Executive and Boards Consulting Group deserves to win this award because it is creating a positive impact to the BIPOC professionals and many organizations in Canada. The joy that comes from candidates that lend roles they have always dreamt of and the feedback we are getting from organizations is testament enough to the impact we are making. If we do our job good enough, in 10 years, our services should not be needed as diversity in the c-suites and boards will be a norm. Our goal is to literally work ourselves out of the job.

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