Kelowna, Thompson-Okanagan

Staycation In The Nation

Kelowna, Thompson-Okanagan

Staycation In the Nation is a business formed to help other small businesses. We support diversity and inclusivity in BC & Canada. We have several movements such as our PrideSITN, IndiSITN. EcoSITN, A11YSITN etc. We support the LGBTQ. Indigenous, Disability & many other communities. Our company has designed a clothing line that signifies SITN - One Nation. Together. We are currently working on accreditations for businesses to ensure they are educated in providing more inclusive workplaces. We are members of the CGLCC and many other wonderful organizations.

13 Employees

In Business Since 2019

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Business Impact Award

What motivated you to start your business? Why are you passionate about what you do?

Staycation In the Nation was created with compassion, love and a dream to help our Nation become one step closer to a discrimination free Country. We have watched businesses and people suffer so much during this pandemic and therefore wanted to find a way to help small businesses survive the now, and going forward in our future. I am passionate about helping with the struggles many Canadians are faces with. One Nation. Together. Is our Mission. We are dedicated to help promote, support and encourage our fellow British Columbians as well as Canada as a whole. We encourage small businesses and communities to consider adjusting to be more inclusive in there environment, staffing and culture. Over the last couple of years we have been able to successfully watch the growth amongst people we have connected with. The reward for us, is the positive changes people are making. We will continue to persevere, and challenge people to adapt for the purposes of creating diverse environments that create a safe space for all. We are proud of Staycation In The Nation and all the movements that go along with it. We are dedicated and advocate for communities such as the LGBTQ, (PrideSITN) Disability, (A11YSITN) Women in Business (SheSITN), Environment( EcoSITN), Indigenous (IndiSITN) and more…. We are proud to have the ability to work together with some of Canada’s most talented and amazing people. The reward is the success of others..

Why do you deserve to win the Business Impact award?

Staycation In The Nation is all about impacting other businesses with our promotions, support and sponsorships. We have accomplished so many significant changes since 2019, and we intend to continue working strongly towards a discrimination free Canada. We will develop programs for existing and new entrepreneurs that encourage change. Providing tools to small business to address inclusivity and diversity within their workplace. We will continue to visit with local vendors, promoting local artists, and Canadians as a whole. We are embarking on a 2022 Canada Summer Tour to highlight small businesses and local tourism across Canada, from our home province of beautiful British Columbia across the Nation. If Staycation In The Nation is privileged to win the Business Impact award. We strongly believe that we all win.

Premier's People's Choice

The Premier's People's Choice award would be an honor to receive. I believe that all of my efforts have been well received by many, and have made an impact on our local families, friends, entrepreneurs and small businesses in British Columbia, as well as the remainder of Canada. This award would would allow me to increase my network and educate our fellow Canadian's. The winnings would be utilized to continue our Staycation In The Nation efforts with Movements such as PRIDSITN (LGBTQ) IndiSITN (Indigenous), SheSITN (Women In Business) and more... I will continue to devote myself , and work towards a discrimination free Canada. I will support, promote and educate those around me to get closer to that goal. I am embarking on my fourth trip around this great Nation, in efforts to encourage our fellow Canadian's to do the same. I believe in what we have achieved, I am proud of my team, my friends, my colleagues and my Country. I am empowered by the changes we have already made, and the changes we can all achieve together. #sitnmovement

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