Delta, Mainland/Southwest

Ray’s Cycle Service

Delta, Mainland/Southwest

Ray's Cycle Service was originally a part time project that started as a mobile bike repair business. After operating for a year and a half and being supported by the incredible community of South Delta we are now a full service and sales bike bike shop.

5 Employees

In Business Since 2020

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Business Impact Award

What motivated you to start your business? Why are you passionate about what you do?

During the initial lockdown of the pandemic Ray, like many others, was laid off while working in the automotive industry. With a lot of extra time on his hands he turned to riding bikes with his kids to fill the day. When he pulled out a bike that had been sitting for a while he noticed that it could use a little work. Although having the experience from many years of riding and repairing bikes he did not have the right tool on hand so he decided to reach out to a few local mobile repair businesses to get his bike back on the road. After being quoted what he thought was far too much for a simple repair and hearing he would have to wait three weeks before it could be looked at, he couldn't help but wonder how many other families were stuck inside without their bikes or couldn't afford the repairs due to the lack of work many others were facing. A week later all tools were ordered and Ray's Cycle Service was being operated as a mobile repair business and being advertised on local groups and message boards at affordable rates, 24HR turnaround on repairs and families/kids as a priority.

Why do you deserve to win the Business Impact award?

Ray's Cycle Service deserves to win the Business Impact award not only for the work we have done but for the work we will continue to do in the future. With winning the award comes greater recognition and awareness for our business which means we will be able to get more people involved in future events and the prize money that comes with the award would allow us to create more jobs in Delta which means more people helping people.

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