Prince George, Cariboo

MP Makeup Artistry

Prince George, Cariboo

Pro makeup artist, face and body painter , glass and wall muralist. I add colour to the world. I bring out the best in people for their special moments. I create joy that I share with my Community. And I give children an opportunity to be what ever they want to be. Artistry that invokes the mind body and spirt.

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In Business Since 2010

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Business Impact Award

What motivated you to start your business? Why are you passionate about what you do?

I have been a professional make up artist since 2002. I work in the film industry in the fashion of the street Vancouver and then in 2010 our family relocated to Prince George British Columbia. And I opened my business initially I offered my services to Brys and grinds and my business grew from there. In 2012 I started offering face and body painting services mostly because I have children of my own and I saw how much joy it brought them and I saw a need for it in our community. Entertainers are often overlooked and I wanted to be able to offer something that would be impactful and memorable. The following years ice included wall and window mural art services. These murals can be temporary or permanent and are designed to impact the entire community as they pass by my pieces of art. I’m absolutely passionate about colour and if I can apply colour to the skin or a wall and impact people in a massive way than I have done my job

Why do you deserve to win the Business Impact award?

I feel as an independent entrepreneur the world can be against me sometimes but as I work diligently daily to keep my business going during an economic breakdown . When events and life gets “back to normal” I know that I have been working hard to keep people remembering me keeping my business in the back of their mind. I think the entertainment industry has been vastly overlooked during this pandemic. But we are still here and I know I for one am working very hard every day to keep my business in the view of my clients.

Premier's People's Choice

I think entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry like myself have been vastly overlooked in the last few years. Priorities have changed and as a small business owner I know I have worked diligently daily to keep my business in the back of their minds. My services are unique and creative as a make up artist I take care of people on their special days. As a face and body painter impact everyone when they sit in my chair with an experience like no other. And the community impact that I leave with my mural work is greatly appreciated.

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