Vancouver, Mainland/Southwest

Mount Pleasant Optometry Centre

Vancouver, Mainland/Southwest

We are the oldest Optometry clinic in British Columbia still operating in the same original space, where we had opened over 72 years ago, January 2, 1950. We have always strived to have a diverse and dynamic team, and I’m proud to employ several members of the LGBTQ community, BIPOC, and people with disabilities. Our diversity gives us strength! The pandemic has been very hard for us - but my doctors all voted to stay open for “urgent care” when it was requested upon us by the Province of BC that we do this to keep eye emergencies out of the hospital. On top of pandemic restrictions making it difficult for us to cover our expenses, we are now at Ground Zero of the Broadway Subway construction project at Main and Broadway. We’ve suffered unexpected power outages, water shutoffs, break-ins, verbal abuse, and even a violent attack. Despite all this adversity, our team remains strong, cohesive, and dedicated to taking care of our patients the best we can. I think this award would be a wonderful way to bring our team some well-deserved public recognition for their unwavering dedication to serving our community’s eye health needs for decades; and for stepping up to the call of urgent care for the pandemic. All of the money received from the award will go into a staff benefit pool to reward them for their amazing efforts. Thank you very much for your consideration. Sincerely, Kevin Mowbray Mount Pleasant Optometry

26 Employees

In Business Since 1950

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Business Impact Award

What motivated you to start your business? Why are you passionate about what you do?

Our passion is to serve our patients well in the community, and our reward has been the wonderful reputation we now enjoy from sticking to our core values over the last 50+ years. I would also like to mention that we employ a 96 year-old who has been with the clinic since it opened in January 1950. As an anecdote, I think that speaks for the clinic in that we have a very very low employee turnover ratio. In fact, we now have several people who have worked at the clinic for over 20 years.

Why do you deserve to win the Business Impact award?

I think we deserve to win this award because I haven’t seen another team of people face the combined pandemic, crimewave, and construction head-on with such courage, strength, and commitment to the well-being of our patients and our community. We’ve also won the George Strait “Best of Vancouver“ award at least the last 4 years in a row for best Optometry Clinic. Once again, thank you very much for your consideration. Sincerely, Kevin

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