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Vancouver, Mainland/Southwest

KidStar Nutrients® is a Canadian natural health company founded by siblings Caitlyn Vanderhaeghe and Kyle Head and based in Vancouver, BC. KidStar® makes clean nutrients that are pure with nothing to hide, like BioFe™ Pure Iron, our flagship product line. KidStar’s mission is to help families raise happy and healthy kids by providing clean, pure, and research-backed nutrients that parents can trust and kids love. KidStar also focuses on consumer education to increase awareness around the risks and symptoms of nutrient deficiencies, like iron deficiency. We believe that education is the most important tool we have, and informed parents make informed decisions for their children. A lack of quality kids supplements on the market spurred us to find supplements that are effective, easy to take and without side effects. But supplements that are marketed as “healthy” are often full of sugar, sucralose, soy, fillers, titanium dioxide, alcohol, and harmful artificial ingredients. We realized that there really was a need for clean, healthy, sugar-free supplements. We know that supplements can be formulated and manufactured free of unnecessary fillers, sweeteners, and preservatives. By founding KidStar Nutrients, we wanted to create nutrients so delicious kids would ask for them, and so healthy that parents would feel great giving them to their kids. KidStar Nutrients products are available online through our website, and at more than 2,000 retail locations across Canada, including premium online and retail health food stores, and select Loblaws stores such as Superstore, Provigo, Valu-Mart, Zehrs, Maxi, Loblaws, and Your Independent Grocer. The KidStar promise is to deliver the cleanest nutrients without harmful additives. We believe that a nutritional supplement should only contain ingredients you need for optimal health and nothing more.

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Business Impact Award

What motivated you to start your business? Why are you passionate about what you do?

When my daughter was diagnosed with a serious case of iron deficiency anemia at the age of two, I embarked on a search for supplements that were effective, had no side effects, and were free of unnecessary or harmful ingredients—but they simply didn’t exist. Supplements marketed as ‘healthy’ were full of sugar, sucralose, soy, fillers, titanium dioxide, and harmful artificial ingredients. Nothing I wanted to take myself, never mind give to my child! I knew I wasn’t the only parent looking for great products only to find nothing suitable. I knew from my research that iron deficiency was the number one health issue among children worldwide. There were thousands of children across the country—my daughter included—who were affected. And I was sure their parents were as desperate as I was to find something to treat the iron deficiency without causing unwanted side effects. So, I channeled my frustrations and became a mom on a mission: to create a line of products that I would be proud to give my own children. I have over a decade of experience managing supply chain, sourcing ingredients, and developing natural health products. And I knew that it was possible to formulate and manufacture clean nutrients free of harmful ingredients. I teamed up with my brother to launch the company, and our goal was to make nutrients so delicious kids would ask for them and so healthy parents could feel great giving them to their kids. This was the genesis of KidStar Nutrients, and the basis of our company’s promise: to deliver the highest quality nutritional supplements without harmful additives. We have already formulated a range of clean nutrients for children and families—in particular, the BioFe products. Iron deficiency is the number one nutrient deficiency in Canada and worldwide—and BioFe is designed to address this deficiency. We have BioFe available in unflavoured drops, tasty chewables, and liquid formulas, so that anyone in the family can take their iron easily. Iron deficiency is far from the only nutrient-related issue common in children. Any parent with a picky eater will tell you that they worry constantly whether their child is getting enough essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients like healthy fats and protein. Our other products are designed to address these deficiencies as well, and we plan on extending our range of products even further. All our products are formulated with these key ideas in mind: clean, healthy, and delicious.

Why do you deserve to win the Business Impact award?

KidStar Nutrients is all about clean nutrients, free of anything artificial or harmful. All our products are also sugar free, sweetened with natural and beneficial sweeteners like xylitol and stevia, to make them delicious. Our products are made to be tasted and enjoyed. We had launched our products to market with health food stores and our e-commerce website mere days before the province was placed into lockdown in March 2020, in response to the pandemic. Launching a new website and product line during a pandemic had certainly presented some challenges, but we were determined to tackle them head on! We believed so strongly in our product line and what we had to offer the marketplace in terms of clean, effective nutritional supplements for kids and families, that we were determined to be successful. Two years on, we continue to deliver on our mission to create the cleanest nutrients without harmful additives. Consumer education is a key part of what drives KidStar. We focus on ways to help parents and families learn more about what nutrients help build strong, healthy children, and what risks and symptoms contribute to nutrient deficiencies—iron deficiency in particular. Iron deficiency is the most common nutrient deficiency worldwide and it is prevalent among women and children in developed countries like Canada. Parents may not recognize the symptoms of low iron and iron deficiency, which can cause negative long-lasting effects on a child’s health. KidStar believes that education is the most important tool we have. Informed parents make informed decisions for their children. We have forged solid partnerships with established manufacturers who support our vision for clean, sugar-free products. We have a marketplace that is primed for a company like KidStar Nutrients, with a demand fuelled by increasing consumer awareness of natural health products. We have a strong and enduring confidence in the importance and effectiveness of our products. And most importantly, we have created amazing, research-backed products that are clean, healthy, and delicious

Premier's People's Choice

Over the last two years we have been reaching more and more families who want what we offer—great quality products that taste awesome and work! Our products were made for everyone, from babies to seniors, with our primary focus on children. Parents love the ingredients and kids love taking the products. We put a lot of care into our formulas. Each formula is based on the latest research and every ingredient is thoroughly reviewed before making it into the product line. Reading reviews from parents on how much their kids like our products and ultimately how well their kids are doing after taking them, makes all the struggles of the last two years more than worth it. Supporting the health of our community is the greatest reward and motivation to keep doing what we do.

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