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Langley, Mainland/Southwest

Jelly Academy is the teaching arm of Jelly Digital Marketing & PR, and is a certified course that offers training in the key sectors of digital marketing. The course is designed to build a foundation of training that allows graduates to succeed in their current roles, grow their business, or land a job in the industry. Founder of Jelly Academy, Darian Kovacs, alongside his business partner, Sarah Clark, strive to make not only an impact within their industry, but within their community. The past year they have partnered with multiple Indigenous organizations such as CCAB, FNTC, and Indspire, to bring scholarships to Indigenous businesses and individuals to receive digital marketing training. To date, more than 50 scholarships have been awarded to Indigenous Peoples. These partnerships have been a way in which Jelly Academy is playing their part to increase diversity and opportunities within the digital marketing industry. The team of Jelly Academy believe finances should never be a barrier to education and career growth, which is why they have dedicated a large portion of their efforts and finances into creating these scholarships for many students. Current available scholarships include the Indigenous Scholarship, Black and People of Colour Scholarship, the Women in Digital Scholarship, Digital Marketing Career Ready Scholarship and the Canada Job Grant. All can be found here: https://jellyacademy.ca/funding Jelly Academy’s recent partnerships include the following Indspire: https://www.bcbusiness.ca/BC-digital-marketing-program-joins-forces-with-national-charity-to-offer-scholarships-for-Indigenous-people CCAB: https://www.ccab.com/tfab/jelly-academy-digital-marketing-course/ MNBC & FNTC: https://strategyonline.ca/2021/11/17/how-jelly-academy-is-helping-improve-indigenous-representation/

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Business Impact Award

What motivated you to start your business? Why are you passionate about what you do?

Jelly Academy was created with the goal to help businesses and individuals thrive in both their workplace and in the world of digital marketing. We noticed there was a space for skills-focused training to add on to existing post-secondary education and work experience. While there are many marketing and communications programs that offer a breadth of knowledge, digital marketing requires specific skills, and the ability to understand and use industry-recognized tools, for an individual or business to thrive. Our founder and course instructor’s are industry practitioners, so they’re able to incorporate the ever-frequent updates in all aspects of digital marketing into their lessons. The Jelly Academy Instructors want to extend their wealth of knowledge, and all thrive on the concept that sharing the tricks and tools they’ve learned only creates a more qualified industry as a whole. We are also passionate about building awareness for the micro-credentials that individuals can gain, which set them up to dive right into digital marketing roles (ie. Google Ads, Google Analytics, Meta Blueprint, etc). Through this course, we’re helping certify those in digital marketing, keeping our industry accountable and bringing stronger candidates into job roles.

Why do you deserve to win the Business Impact award?

We believe that Jelly Academy is deserving of this award due to our commitment to always finding new ways to support our students, and communities around us. We have a deep understanding of the value that digital skills can bring in the business world, and various industries, and want to ensure we are playing our part in making room for more growth within this industry. If we have the opportunity to make room or give a space to a voice that needs to be heard, that is our priority - as seen through our scholarship initiatives. Jelly Academy is committed to continuing on this path and extending our impact in many other facets.

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