Surrey, Mainland/Southwest

Innovative Sleep Solutions Ltd

Surrey, Mainland/Southwest

We are a small independent specialty mattress retailer featuring the healthiest sleep products available in Canada. We special in our exclusive ECO Green 100% Certified Organic Latex mattresses which are made with all natural ingredients that contain no synthetic attributes, which provides superior support, pressure relief and comfort. Not only is this the ONLY 100% carbon Neutral latex in Canada, they are fully backed with the best in the industry exclusive 15 year 0.5" (1/2 inch) body impression warranty, compared to the standard 10 year 1.5" warranty. We also carry hybrid mattresses that contain copper infused latex which kills germs and virus' and allows a cooler sleep, and medical magnet therapy mattresses, braces an wraps, which are recognized as medical devices by Health Canada and the FDA in the USA. Virtually all of our healthy mattresses can also be used on lifestyle adjustable beds. We also offer our exclusive trademarked Cabedza cabinet bed that we ship through out Canada which is perfect for small rooms and fold out to a spare bed when needed. These are why we are called Innovative Sleep Solutions.

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In Business Since 2013

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Business Impact Award

What motivated you to start your business? Why are you passionate about what you do?

We are 2 friends that worked together as managers for the largest mattress retailer in Canada and always had a dream of having our own business focusing on the healthiest sleep products in Canada. This was something our employer was not offering and still doesn't in any of their product assortments. In May 2013 we had an opportunity of a lifetime with an offer to take over an existing mattress store in Surrey BC that was going out of business. The previous owner was willing to walk away and leave us $50,000 of inventory provided we simply acquire the remaining 4.5 years balance of the lease. We knew we had the experience and faith to make it work and jumped all in!. We changed the name, incorporated and opened all with in a week, with out investing a penny of our own money out of pocket. As we had no money at first we had to wait a month before we could afford store front signs (attached the image titled Humble Beginnings) We sold off the existing inventory left behind by the former owner while securing unheard of terms out of the gate from some of our suppliers we had worked with as managers and changed our direction by offering something never done before. By selling off the old inventory, this gave us immediate cash flow while we transitioned to Innovative Sleep Solutions implementing our products we had long envisioned. Our name speaks for itself. We are also the only mattress store to sponsor the Vancouver Canucks and advertise our logo on the rink boards in front of the Canuck box at centre ice and virtual ads on the glass behind the goalies. We have never looked back and now almost 9 years later, we are proud to say to this day we have no debt and still haven't invested any our own money into the company, and we are navigating our way through COVID while many other company's have closed. This is an unusual story but it is the absolute truth and we are living the Canadian dream!

Why do you deserve to win the Business Impact award?

We are not another " Me Too" business. We seek to be different and have our own niche by offering a wide variety of healthy alternative sleep products, of which many will outlast regular mattresses and provide superior support with health benefits the national stores do not offer.

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