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Vancouver, Mainland/Southwest

Having four babies in the span of 3 years, we fell into the cycle of passing baby clothes back and forth. Through this process, we were able to understand which brands can last and literally stand the test of time and laundering. Fact is, children grow up too fast, so our goal has always been to invest in timeless fashions without jeopardizing quality, style and functionalism. We learned a thing or two over the years, but what we got to be most passionate about is working towards MAKING KIDS FASHION CIRCULAR. Goodbuyandhello is a managed re-commerce platform specially built and optimized in reverse logistics, apparel intake, quality assurance, pricing, marketing, selling, and shipping of preloved kids apparel. Based on the principles of Circular Economy, our mantra “Mend When Torn, Reuse When Outgrown” stems from a goal to make durability more attractive to a consumer - breaking free from perception of kids clothes as disposable. By extending the average number of times a garment is worn or reused, we aim to reshape the wasteful global apparel industry into one that is restorative and regenerative. Our online boutique, through carefully curated fashions, aims to foster iconic style and comfort with a perfect dash of childhood innocence. We believe that childrenswear can be worn many different ways and that we should push the boundaries past dressing our sweethearts in pinks & blues. With that said, we invite you to ‘Grow with Us’ as we continue to foster creativity in kids and expand their horizons one previously-loved outfit at a time.

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This is an incredible honour! It's been a wild ride so far fighting the stigma around buying used clothes for kids. We are elevating the experience and changing the perspectives every day by ditching the 'ick' factor often associated with used clothes - all while circulating barely worn kids clothes that would otherwise end up in landfills. We value the trust parents have given us to dress their tiny humans as we continue to educate on the importance (and the savings) of shopping second hand first.

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