Kamloops, Thompson-Okanagan

Friendly Composting Inc.

Kamloops, Thompson-Okanagan

Friendly Composting Inc. is a compost collection and local food delivery service! We collect residential and commercial food scraps and ensure they get turned into nutrient rich soil. Friendly Composters are able to place local food orders online that get delivered on their compost pick up day. You make an impact. We make it simple.

13 Employees

In Business Since 2020

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Business Impact Award

What motivated you to start your business? Why are you passionate about what you do?

Friendly Composting was founded in March 2020 when roommates Claire McLoughlin and Katie Forsyth were looking to live more sustainably. The two were living in an apartment at the time and wanted to start composting. Without a backyard or a compost collections program, the two decided to drive their compostables to the city's compost site on their own! When arriving at the compost site, they were informed that not only did the city not accept food waste but that there was no drop off site in town. Fuelled by frustration (and a plethora of other emotions) the two were convinced that they must not be the only ones feeling this way. The next day they tracked down some buckets at the thrift store and volun-TOLD their family and friends to start sorting their food scraps! After collecting a week's worth of their family and friends' food scraps, Katie and Claire realized they needed somewhere to compost.. Fortunately they got connected with Gillian Watt at Holmwood Farm who LOVED what they wanted to do and generously offered her land to compost on. After several months of operating, Friendly Composting was visiting HUNDREDS of homes each week. This is when Katie and Claire realized they had an opportunity to further their impact in the community but adding local food delivery to their services! Friendly Composting has since grown to service over 650 homes and businesses each week with a team of 13 great humans AND deliver the local food of nearly 25 local food growers and makers.

Why do you deserve to win the Business Impact award?

We are being the change that we want to see in the world! We have build a community that is working to greater a better environment and society. We are creating notable positive impact in the environment and local economy through several different impact streams. We have created a community of like minded people that lend many hands resulting in light work that benefits all. AND WE HAVE FUN DOING IT!!!

Premier's People's Choice

The Friendly Composting Community has grown beyond our wildest dreams. When Friendly Composting was founded both Katie and Claire envisioned an impactful side hustle while they completed their academic goals. What started off as two humans trying to serve their community from their apartment, turned into a full on business that serves over 650 homes and businesses on a weekly basis. Friendly Composting expanded from compost collections to include local food delivery just months after operating, further the impact within the community. Friendly Composting is now surrounded by an AMAZING team and community that are making an impact and uplifting others while having FUN doing it.

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