Fort St. John, Northeast BC

Freedom Cleaning & Organizing Ltd.

Fort St. John, Northeast BC

Hello there! Our mission is to give a feeling of FREEDOM in our clients lives and spaces by providing friendly and unique services to meet their cleaning and organizing goals. At FCO, individuality is a key ingredient to our success. From our staff to our clients, we understand that everyone is different. Our team works hard to listen and value each person’s needs and wants so we can guarantee optimal satisfaction. Real people, helping real people.

7 Employees

In Business Since 2020

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Business Impact Award

What motivated you to start your business? Why are you passionate about what you do?

Well, hello there! My name is Alicia Mcknight, and I am the proud owner of Freedom Cleaning & Organizing Ltd. When I started this business last year I did it with one intention; to make peoples lives easier. I love that! It feels wonderful to give people some time, which in my opinion, is the real currency. I have a love for cleaning and a super love for organizing! It may sound silly but its totally true. I like to place things with thought and consider how I can help each individual person. I even have trouble not cleaning and helping my own friends and family; it must be ingrained in me. I train my team members to get to know the client behind the home and push them to connect and be themselves in the process! I find with lots of caring everywhere, happiness literally just grows and flows! I can’t get enough of our clients' smiles! I am a mother of two goofballs who are super kind, intelligent, helpful and ever enthusiastic! They make me smile at every turn and they’re often the fire under my a$$ to reach my goals! They’re 12 and 10 years old. I just want to help. Authentically. The only thing I can do, is be me. I plan to rise to my greatest dreams with nothing but grace, understanding & kindness because that is what I have to offer. Aaaand I’m doing it with a gosh darn cleaning business of all things! It still shocks me sometimes. I enjoy fitness and delicious food which, unfortunately, don’t always go hand in hand. I like to learn new things, music, hiking, meeting new people, adventures, meditation/yoga, acting a fool (I may be goofy like my kids) and enjoy life as much as I possibly can. Work hard and play hard! Basically, I do my best just like you. Life is a balancing act. With my company, maybe we can help make the scales tip a little more in your favor so you can find some freedom in your life! Cheers! Alicia

Why do you deserve to win the Business Impact award?

I believe we deserve to win this award because of our consistent growth and dedication. We stive to create freedom and therefore impact lives and families on a daily basis. Our clients reach out to us because they're very thankful for what we do. We don't just clean, we care and this goes a very long way!

Premier's People's Choice

We deserve to win this award because we provide a whole different type of cleaning service! With kindness as our base, caring as our key and quality as our promise; we will continue to flourish. We have a new flavor, once you try us- you'll want to tell your friends! :) Thank you for this opportunity

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