Coquitlam, Mainland/Southwest

CCE Canada Courier Express Ltd.

Coquitlam, Mainland/Southwest

We specialize in Logistics, same day and home delivery for the industry and online retailers. We provide door to door mail and parcel service focused in same day and the e-commerce delivery, as the online market is growing and becoming the first choice for the Canadian community.

11 Employees

In Business Since 2020

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Business Impact Award

What motivated you to start your business? Why are you passionate about what you do?

I am an immigrant running away from the violence in my country, looking for a better opportunity for my children. I arrived to Canada on Nov 25 of 2002, with my wife, two children and $2000 in my pocket, but a huge amount of energy to work. After a few jobs I could save some money and in 2006, I started my own company, TCC Transport Carrier Company as an owner operator driving a 5 ton truck. In 2009 I got my class one DL and bought a semi-truck working it as a sub-contractor for one of the biggest companies of transportation in Canada, but I've always been looking for success. I was also trying financial services, where I learned a lot about business throughout the many seminaries and reading books about motivation, how to became successful in business like the 10 X Rule, by the New York Times Best Seller Grant Cardone, which blew my mind and I finally realized why I had not succeed in other businesses before. Now I was ready and the opportunity was in front of my nose. E-commerce was growing and with COVID- 19 and the lock downs, the community was the most vulnerable at this stage. So helping the community and taking the opportunity was my first motivation. I gathered two of my best friends also in the transportation business and came with the idea of starting a new venture. I did not have any money, but making some sacrifices we started CCE Canada Courier Express Ltd. ,legally constituted Canadian company that formally began operating in July of 2020, dedicated to providing an extensive portfolio of professional solutions for messaging, and logistics management. The crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has given place for the population to access the purchase of their basic needs online and this has increased the volume of cargo and deliveries especially for companies dedicated to the home delivery market. Starting was not easy, by May of 2021 we were about to close it, but persistence, hard work, sacrifices, and positivity brought us success, and get contracts with some of the most biggest companies of transportation in Canada, and more than 100 retail stores in the Great Vancouver, generating $1.1M gross revenue in 2021.

Why do you deserve to win the Business Impact award?

CCE has not only helped the community during this pandemic providing one of the most essential services, but also generating employment for many people, allowing them to provide for their families. Thinking about our community we are developing a plan to expand and also bring our services to remote areas. We will be partnering and launching a platform that will allow us to be shipping freight internationally, and we are an environment conscious company that plans on reducing its impact on global warming, by actively reducing its carbon footprint, and working on initiatives to one day have an all electric vehicle fleet.

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