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If you have a business that is different from anyone else on the market, you have a powerful story to tell. We're experts at telling your story. At UpMedia, we are the industry’s best storytellers, with two decades of combined experience in marketing and media across all forms. Our previous work has appeared on Netflix and HBO, but more importantly, it thrives on the website and social media pages of our clients. We position our client's brand as the wise mentor, which adds authority to their brand messaging, and then place their client at the centre of the story. This process invites them into a narrative they can actually relate to, and emotionally connect with. Here is our 3-step process: 1. Workshop your story 2. Produce your video or animation 3. Gain massive attention and raving fans! We offer fresh blogs and articles twice a month on video production and marketing strategy. Also, we've recently re-designed our website! Check us out online.

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Best Youth Entrepreneur

What motivated you to start your business and what is your vision for the future of your company?

Growing up for me was a struggle. I lived in subsidized housing with a single parent, depended on the food bank regularly for meals, and wore primarily second hand clothes from donations. As a 7 year old, I made money by selling gum-balls to other kids in my complex. I would buy them at the store with my "chores" allowance, and mark them up when I sold them to kids. This effectively was my first "business". As I grew up, I became quite adaptable and was able to excel in many different business environments. But I also had a passion for creative arts, so I attended Vancouver Film School, where I graduated with honours. Back out in the real world, I wondered how I could merge my love of film with my desire for entrepreneurship. The popularity of platforms like YouTube and Facebook had created a real need for businesses to produce video content, but most of what I was seeing was lacking in film quality and story. Then I met Anthony, a film director who was looking to develop a film production house for businesses, so we decided to partner up. That's how UpMedia was born. Our business model was designed to give business owners an alternative to hiring a huge production house, while ensuring the highest film quality and most impactful final product possible. Over the years, our team as grown beyond just the two of us, though we continue to keep our lean mindset while doing whatever it takes to make videos that share the story of our clients.

Why do you deserve to win the Best Youth Entrepreneur award?

Resilient should be my middle name (but it's Lynn, actually). I have overcome so many obstacles in my life and business, and I've learned to make things happen especially when resources are scarce. I grew up in subsidized housing, getting food from the food bank, wearing second hand clothes, but from there I've managed to build a 6 figure business created around my passion. We've been hired by large corporations to create their marketing videos, and been consulted by marketing agencies and branding companies on how to approach video marketing. I've been an entrepreneur since a young girl selling gum balls for extra money, and the spirit of business has led me on an epic adventure. The success of my business is entirely based on the success of other businesses in the community, and I'm proud of that relationship.

Premier's People's Choice

The Pandemic has been hard on all of us, and running a small business in BC isn't easy. My purpose with UpMedia has been to help businesses thrive - not just remain in business, but actually grow through this period so that you can continue to serve your community. After all, that's why you got into business right? Every pandemic pivot in my business was made with that purpose in mind. My team and I have redesigned our products and pricing so that no matter what stage you're at in your business, you can start using video today and get results. Whether its free educational content on how to make your own video, online trainings to become more confident on video calls and consultations, or repurposing photos into compelling animated videos, we've got services that are completely unique in the video production industry. We've taken the best of 2 decades of film experience and packaged them into services the small business community can easily afford. We've created storytelling techniques that guarantee your video gives you more leverage and impact online. So please vote for us. It would mean the world to me and my whole team!

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