Squamish, Mainland/Southwest

The Squamish Connector

Squamish, Mainland/Southwest

The Squamish Connector is a family owned and operated transportation company. We’ve been serving the community of Squamish and it’s visitors since 2014, and have been the official shuttle for the Sea to Sky Gondola since 2015. We pride ourselves on safety, reliability, and customer service. Whether it's connecting Squamish locals to work and family in the city, or showing visitors the unforgettable beauty and adventure Squamish has to offer, we love what we do.

4 Employees

In Business Since 2014

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Best Community Impact

What motivated you to start your business and what core cause do you support?

Squamish Connector Transportation Services Ltd. was created in May 2014 as a direct response to a growing and unfulfilled need by the Squamish residents to have reliable and cost-effective transportation to and from Squamish. Squamish is one of the fastest growing communities in BC with most residents commuting outside of Squamish for work. These commuters are looking for a safe, sustainable, and affordable option when commuting to Vancouver and the North Shore. We have also become an essential service for a large sector of the community to get to appointments, the airport, go shopping, see their family, and take part in other important activities. We not only make the commute more cost effective, but we help riders reduce their carbon impact by removing cars from the Sea to Sky highway. Squamish’s most vital industry is tourism, and we recognized that Squamish businesses required options for their clients to get into Squamish in a safe, reliable and affordable way. This not only helps to increase the revenue for the community of Squamish, but it helps create local jobs

Why do you deserve to win the Best Community Impact award?

As a family business, we treat every passenger as though they’re family too, and will go above and beyond with every trip. Sometimes that means waiting an extra five minutes for someone that’s running late, or staying on the phone with them if they’re having trouble finding our pick up location. We can often be found asking passengers how their day was, or giving them recommendations on places to check out. We deeply care about the community of Squamish and regularly send out surveys or host (when health and safety orders allowed) open house-style events in order to learn more about their needs. Our business practices and services are nimble, and we aren’t afraid to pivot if it means we can better support the needs of our passengers. We believe in collaboration and that a rising tide raises all boats, which is why we not only partner other local businesses when we can, but often offer them free transportation for their internal transportation needs. The Squamish Connector is an essential service within Squamish; without us, many residents wouldn’t have access to work, appointments, recreation, and family. Some of our passengers have shared that they would have not been able to move to Squamish if it was not for our service, and we are grateful to play such a vital role in their lives. We are proud to not only serve this community, but to be an access point for people from all over British Columbia and beyond.

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