Kamloops, Thompson-Okanagan

The Lux Loo Portable Restrooms Ltd.

Kamloops, Thompson-Okanagan

The Lux Loo is a portable restroom service provider located in Kamloops. We specialize in restroom trailer and porta potty rentals. Our goal is to offer the cleanest portable restrooms you can find in the industry. We are committed to our product and friendly customer service.

1 Employees

In Business Since 2019

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Best Innovation

What motivated you to start your business, what challenges did you overcome?

I've always felt the need to separate myself from the herd. Going to a 9-5, well for me a 7 and 7 schedule as an underground miner, didn't feel right. I didn't feel like I was maximizing my skills and my ability to think outside of the box. Being just another number and collecting a steady paycheck was good for being ordinary, but I was born a 1 of 1 so why live as a copy. I've started other small businesses before and was not successful but didn't let that stop me. I'm an immigrant, from the Cayman Islands, and I have the immigrant mentality of, I came here for a reason, so work hard and fulfill my dream. Starting The Lux Loo, has had its challenges, from learning to do most of my bookkeeping, to frozen porta potties in the winter, but I have overcome them by surrounding myself with positive people and doing a lot of research on the internet, porta potties for dummies so to speak. Another significant challenge that I've overcome was the fear of failure. Leaving my high paying mining job was a scary task. Many questions swirled in my head; how will I feed my family? How will I continue to pay my bills? How will The Lux Loo survive during the pandemic? Speaking of which we had to pivot and offer our services to more than our target market. I overcome these challenges with maintaining my mental health through a positive attitude and outlook, and lots of audible books. Everything is figureoutable and all things will work out. Managing cashflow is another challenge, but making use of the free webinars hosted by quickbooks and BDC, have helped me along the way to make smart business decisions. I welcome any day to day challenges with the knowledge that I'm bigger than any problem and will always figure it out.

Why do you deserve to win the Best Innovation award?

The Best innovation award should go to us because let's face it we've all had a horrible porta potty experience and would welcome a clean, fancy climate controlled restroom for when nature calls! Using The Lux Loo, checks all the boxes when it comes to using a portable restroom, because we're not your average porta potty.

Best Solopreneur

What motivated you to start your business? What challenges did you overcome as a Solopreneur?

Financial freedom and being able to chart my own destiny motivated me to start my own business. I come from a single parent household, raised by my grandmother, that worked hard everyday so that we could live hand-to-mouth. Not having the nicest things, was the norm for me growing up. What we lacked in material things, we made up for with hard work and learning to make other's life easier. Things changed once, I got older and immigrated to Canada. I realized that I could have the nice house, boat and RV. But attained all these things from being a well paid miner. Having a job, meant that I was reliant on the company to dictate my life as long as I continued to work there, I wanted none of that, but was scared to break away from the comfort of a nice pay check every two weeks. Once I decided to start my own business, The Lux Loo, I still enjoyed working at the mine full time and enjoyed even more the stress of starting a business. Accounting, marketing, and leaning to import a trailer over the boarder (a daunting task, if you've never done it) Being a one-man-show isn't easy in the best of times, let alone, during a pandemic. The best way for me to sum up overcoming all these challenges is having a positive outlook, and listening to as many audio books as I can to pick up skills and mental tools to help grow my business.

Why do you deserve to win the Best Solopreneur award?

I'm just glad I was nominated for the Solopreneur award. There's a ton of people out there working 24/7 to run their business and know how much sacrifice it takes to get a business off the ground to the point of success. All I can say is that I will continue to have a positive attitude and work hard everyday to be a success so my family and I can live a financially free life.

Premier's People's Choice

The Lux Loo Portable Restroom, is a clear winner because it offers a services that's needed by all event goers. Our innovative twist on porta potties has been a hit with our clients and always leaves a positive lasting impression.

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