108 Mile Ranch, Cariboo

Sweet lavations

108 Mile Ranch, Cariboo

Sweet Lavations is a small, local company with a focus on wildcrafting and making creative products that are as locally sourced and plastic-free as possible. We are a woman-run, locally- supporting business with a dream to make bath- time fun and good for Mother Earth! We grow all of our own flora or source them from the wild in a sustainable manner. Everything is handmade, in small batches to ensure you are getting the freshest product possible <3

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In Business Since 2018

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Best Solopreneur

What motivated you to start your business? What challenges did you overcome as a Solopreneur?

Tell us your story: Sweet Lavations was born out of my home in the Cariboo three years ago. I have always been an avid DIY-er, and never understood why people would spend their hard-earned cash on something mass-produced from a store, when you can save that extra money and packaging by creating it yourself? My motivation to create combined with a love of chemistry and the endless artistic possibilities at my fingertips led the way to Sweet Lavations, natural, hand-made soap and body products made and packaged in my home. I soon discovered there was a huge market for locally made and sourced bath products in our community, and my customer base quickly spread - through appearances at various regional markets, a strong social media presence and word of mouth - beyond 100 Mile House and to other rural communities in the Interior of BC. There have been plenty of bumps along the road - as a wife and mother of two young boys, I am constantly juggling parenthood, household responsibilities and running a busy solo business. Disruptions to my husband's career path over the past few years have also posed huge challenges, as I have had to take on full time ( and then some!) employment out of the house, which has further complicated the logistics of producing and selling my products. Many early mornings and late nights have been spent pouring my heart and soul into pouring bars of soaps and molding bath bombs a to ensure I'm well stocked for my busy week of sales ahead.

Why do you deserve to win the Best Solopreneur award?

I would be extraordinarily honoured to be recognized as Best Solopreneur as my small business is truly a labour of love and dedication on which I have focused so much work and energy on over the past several years. What started out as slightly more than a hobby has grown into a source of passive income for our household, and the opportunities for growth and business development for Sweet Lavations are plentiful. Over the past year I have taken the steps to broaden my customer base beyond our community in the Interior, and am looking forward to continuing to do so over the coming months. I have also taken the leap into the business development side of things by engaging with a business coach and other professional consultants who are helping to set the stage for further growth and prosperity - and a lot more hard work on my part! At the end of the day, the backbone of the business is still me creating handmade, all-natural products with minimal packaging to bring a little joy and beauty into the lives of my customers.

Premier's People's Choice

The People’s choice award would be a dream to win. My community is what made me what I am today. I am so proud to be able to serve the community and surrounding areas and all my customers all over Canada, quality, and consistent products. Being able to give back to my community in a time of crisis is also so important to me. Wether it’s working overtime in long term care during a pandemic or making sure my customers get their orders delivered on time, we strive to be the best and give the best service to our community.

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