Gibsons, Mainland/Southwest

Sunshine Tiny Homes LTD

Gibsons, Mainland/Southwest

Sunshine Tiny Homes was created knowing the need for smaller more affordable homes and to provide more options for long and short-term housing on the Sunshine Coast and beyond! Our team has a big vision to become the number one manufacturer of quality built tiny homes. We strive to not only bring small home selections, we stay ahead of the industry by focusing on safety, security and sustainability of our homes.

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In Business Since 2018

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Best Community Impact

What motivated you to start your business and what core cause do you support?

After undertaking a prototype build some years ago and selling it within 12 hours of it listed for sale, she noticed a great need for minimalistic living that was versatile and affordable. Having then applied to the LEAP program, Pam received the People's Choice award in 2017 for her Tiny Home Business Pitch. Building tiny homes was an opportunity to address many of the Sunshine Coast's housing needs and beyond, and the audience loved it! Pam's vision to become a major manufacturer of these homes is a progressive goal. She is proud to be recognized as a leading Tiny Home developer on Canada's West Coast. Determined to create a tiny sustainable home that leaves a minimal footprint continues to be the driver behind her business. Pam is also a wearer of many hats and pushes government policies to catch up with public demand for more viable home options. Partnering with other companies to implement tiny home communities (a long-time dream of hers) and providing hope to those who never dreamed they could own a home. Tiny homes are not just a trend, "We are here, and here to stay," declares Pam, "We don't all need or want larger homes, just the right ones." While she has more dreams to accomplish, such as building a tiny home community on the Sunshine Coast, there is no doubt that her determination and perseverance are much bigger than her tiny homes.

Why do you deserve to win the Best Community Impact award?

We feel we are a good candidate to win this award with the tireless efforts that have been put in to not only build a company like this out of nothing, but the efforts put in to public education and the commitment I have given on a National level as well. Pam is on the Board of directors of the Tiny Home Alliance of Canada, delivering the message of hope to everyone in Canada. We will continue to work with others in this industry to bring the best of what we do to our community. We have great plans to work with affordable housing organizations in the future to provide more opportunities for our community in the housing sector. We feel that what we bring to the community is hope and encouragement by providing this solution to our ever growing housing crisis.

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